Unable to sleep..... Rant sorry

Im 30+4 now and im just unable to sleep its driving me crazy! ive always been able to sleep for britain but now im exhausted and only managing to sleep for a few hours a day! 3rd night in a row now, I hope this doesnt last long or ill go insane! :( aside from smacking myself in the head with a hammer to knock myself out i dont know what to do haha

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  • Haha sorry that made me laugh so much. The thing is we are all in same boat and unfortunately it gets worse as you get bigger. I have had really bad night sleep with sore throat and blocked nose and have to go to work now :-(

    It is funny how people say use this time and rest as much as possible cos when the baby arrives you won't get much sleep, oh if only they knew right?

    Maybe nice warm bath might help you relax a bit?

  • Sadly, it's good training for what's to come... #zombiemummy

  • i know everyone is like oh sleep all you can before he gets here! well i would if i could haha.

    ive just found out today that im suffering with anemia, ive heard that can cause insomnia....? we will soon see ey! x

  • Sorry chick, the sleep does get worse and when on mat leave you will find yourself taking day naps too. This pregnancy malarkey is HARD work and that's before our LO's arrive. Try not to stress about it too much or it'll probably effect your sleep more x

  • I can echo Dr Fluffy, sleep while and if you can and day naps are a must if you can. Hopefully it will get better for you, do you have a pregnancy pillow or similar? Mine really helped me and is useful for breast feeding afterwards.... Currently typing at 4.15am, hope that you are managing to sleep!

  • I can sympathise, I'm currently 38 weeks and haven't been able to sleep for the last, couple of months due to painful hips I wake up in agony then can't sleep, I was advices take paracetamol but to concerned about it affecting baby if taken long term and im not a fan of medication unless your very ill, I also usually sleep on my front which I'm also struggling with even woken up on my front recently very uncomfortable, I just hope I'm not overdue!!! All the best x

  • I take paracetamol every 6hrs for PGP, without it I cannot move & it takes the edge off. My MW has never told me not too

  • You do need to be careful - not taking the medication if you are in pain can be far worse for bubba who will now be exposed to copious amounts of your stress hormones... Paracetamol has been used in pregnancy, safely, for many, many, many years. I do understand reluctance to take medication (I have only been fully drug free post pregnancy in the last month), but there are no awards for battling on in pain x

  • Does just get worse. Hope you getting some rest. Only advice would give is if you do feel you can sleep even in the day and even if its on the sofa just do it. I know keep saying its training but think a crying baby will be more restful than the lack of sleep enjoying most nights. At least will have a good reason for being awake then. If in pain take painkillers. Gp won't advise you to take anything they feel would harm baby, and if unsure ask midwife. As Dr Fluffy says stress from pain much worse for baby than the effects of painkillers. And we don't get any extra points for being a martyr lol x

  • I imagine it will get worse yeah haha wouldn't mind if there was an explanation but I'm not in any pain or anything and I usually sleep like a baby anytime of the day! Its just unexplainable seeing as I do feel so tired! Ive managed to get 3houra sleep for the past two nights so I suppose that's better than nothing lol! X

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