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the peeping baby

seems lately all I've done is whine (with good reason but whining none the less) So thought would post something we've been finding amusing. Having to alternate between tubigrip and belt at mo, which the baby protests to even though is low and the majority under the bump. Kicks and kicks and kicks. However finally seems to realise this has no effect so has started a new attack. Lifting up my tops.

Think my other half thought I was going even more potty when explained. I'm not one of those people who likes tops that leave my belly exposed, however baby has other ideas. Every time I sit down can feel the baby start little rolling actions and slowly but surely my top will come up. at first just thought was baby moving into a comfy position, but every time top gets above a certain point the baby stops, as soon as pull it down again the baby starts. Now other half's seen for himself - I'm not crazy after all... well not that crazy... :D x

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haha! that made me chuckle. What a naughty baby! xx


What a Lil rascal hey!!

"You know" Its quite amazing how the things we may get to feel our baby's doing from inside the womb can reflect on their personalities when they're born.



This is so funny... I've got a similar problem. My baby is SO low down that it feels like its going to fall out... Baby has got hiccups at the moment and each hiccup is gradually easing my pyjama bottoms down lower and lower! It has so far managed to sneak them down from belly button level to my knicker line while I'm perfectly still - funny babies :-)


Haha that's cute! You should film it! x


:) I'm just hoping doesn't come out and we realise is a gremlin the mischief causes already. Dons88 glad mine going up the way and not down - knowing my luck we'd be in the middle of town and trousers would come down, and don't think passing strangers would believe me if I said 'it's the baby' x


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