Feeling lost

Feeling lost

Hi ladies 7 weeks today little Louis still exclusively breastfeeding yay.

Totally feeling lost right now. Sat here looking at old photos before I moved to the Middle East. God I miss being around family sooo much. Don't get me wrong there were times when I thought getme out of here, but lots of good times too.

I'm all alone every day. Hubby leaves for work at 7.30 and dosnt xome home till same time. This isn't a new factor either its always been that way of which I'm use to. Dosnt help that kids will have been off school 9 weeks by september the 1st. :-0. My two friends I knew from Bahrain have been away all summer its been Ramadan and stuck indoors all the time too.

When I look back over last 8 months I've been on my own a lot, the only thing that's helped is family coming to visit for a holidayin feb and July. I'm. Missing rain of all things. Greenery getting out walking across fields popping to see my nan who's 85 and miss dearly. Spending time with my kids and thier grandparents.

I won't have been home in 9 months by the time Xmas comes thats thelongest ever stint I've done out here I'm a home bird. :-)

Hubby's mum and dad are. Coming out in September so I'm looking forward to that. And then back over Xmas for 3 weeks which I can't wait for.

Sorry about ranting on was the only way I could be free to think for ten minutes.

Louis is doing brill he's 9lb 3oz started smiling at us this week which is too cute. Loves his activity mat constantly whacking the toys around. Sleeping though the night yay last fee is at 9-10pm sleeps through till 4am then back down till 7. I'm still waking up checking on him however lol typical mothering instincts :-)

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Aw he is such a cutie pie, you have beautiful baby.

Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit lonely and homesick, I know the feeling all to well as I have bee living abroad for the past 14 years.

I do love England and this is my home now but I do miss my family and always count the days when I know I am due to go and visit.

Where in the middle East do you live? Are there baby groups you can join and meet other mums?

September is not too far away and you will have your in laws around so that would be nice (as long as you get along well with them :-) but time will fly and by the time you know it December will be here and you will get to see you family over Xmas.

What is even more special it will be your first Xmas with your baby boy so all the wait will be worth it.

Hope you cheer up lovely xx


I live in Dubai Hun. Baby groups start mid September so I'm hoping to get stuck in with Louis and meet some other mums with baby's. there are two sessions left but couldn't go as my other two kids are on school holidays. Your right in laws are here in 4 weeks onthursday luckily we do get on in a way ;-)


wow he is gorgeous!

ITs tough when alone.. im looking after my now 6 week old all day from about 9-9pm and at times its a really struggle! Im impressed hes sleeping through.. were on the past few days getting a 10-2 which for her is amazing!! she was waking every 2 hrs to feed .. now its only usually 3 times a night

feel free to rant! thats what the forum is for!

how much did he weigh at birth?

we were a 5.5lb and are hitting around the 8lb mark now.. and surprising myself although she gets one or if im having a bad day 2 bottles a day were mainly breastfeeding too.. never thought id make 6 weeksthe first 4 were horrendous!


Thanks, Louis weighed 6lb 6oz at birth :-) the 12 hour days I'm use to, but its hard when kids can't get out its too hot 43c and are stuck inside following me around don't really know what to do with themselves and I'm feeding Louis or getting him to sleep. So I feel like they are missing out so I try to keep them occupied along with baby. ..... Nice one on the feeding from 3 times a night to 10-2 that's brill x


Ahhhh he is gorgeous! Oh Bless u... maybe u need to have more trips back here. .. considering the kids have such a long hols it would of broken it up for u. ... then u would of had some help with baby. He has grown so much! Can't u get hubby to take a day off now and again just to break it up for u ? X


Hiya Hun hope your keeping well too. It was difficult and believe me if I could have come back over summer I would but cos Louis needs his passport and visa sorted first there was no way I could come back until Xmas. Hopefully his stuff is in organisation now and it won't be long before we can all travel. Hopefully nipping over to Bahrain to see friends in October if we can sort it all out for then. Hubby try's to get as much time as he can days in lui etc are building up and we have a good stint over Xmas 3 weeks in total. :-)


Oh Allyemo! Sending you a huge hug. It must be so hard, I am still adjusting with Sam and occasionally feel a little lonely during the day, but don't have two children to occupy too and my husband leaves at seven but usually home by six. I had four days on my own last week and by Thursday ( which was tough) I was so pleased to have my husband home. What you are feeling sounds totally natural. My first baby group is tomorrow, looking forward to it, slightly nervous as I don't know any other mums with children our sons's age. Can't believe September is nearly here, let me know how you get on with your groups, not long to wait now.

So pleased to hear Louis is developing so well! Well done on breastfeeding too. Sam is but some days I struggle to meet his demand! Louis is such a cutie. How did your 6 week checks go? How are you recovering? We haven't had much rain recently if that helps. Christmas s something to look forward to but must seem a long way off. Just think how quickly the last seven weeks have gone, so Christmas will be here soon. If you ever need to chat, I'm here xxx


Hope the baby group goes well Hun. Can't wait for it to start here. Need to start getting out and about. The last two days I developed mastitis obviously because he. Had a few long sleeps in a row. Yesterday felt like I had the flu. And today a red blotchy bruise has appeared on my left breast And the worst Thing is it is sooo painful but the only thing to make it go is too keep nursing. Ouch!!! Actually sat crying while he was on the breast honestly felt like the first week all over again. :-( 7 weeks has flown by your right Xmas will soon be here I can't wait to show him off to the rest of the family. So how is Sam doing? Meeting his demand I'm hearing hungry horris like Louis :-) .. And how about yourself are you keeping well? Xx


Hiya, I'm cursed! Twice been to parents groups and twice cancelled at the last minute! So ended up g g to the park for a bit instead. Not having much success with groups :-(. Breast feeding drop in clinic tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Mastitis sounds horrendous and having to carry on through the pain, ouch. I can understand the tears, all those I know that have had it have said it is truly awful. On a couple of times it really has felt as though he has drunk me dry, can actually feel him pulling the milk through... Have you tried expressing, is that less painful? Last night was tough, he slept too much yesterday ( we were at a wedding) so last night he was awake every three hours. Today so far he has been awake since 6:30am and not really slept for more than ten minutes since! Hopefully that means tonight he will sleep. What sort of day time routine do you have Louis in? We are trying the easy method but not rigidly sticking to it.


Hi allyemo

It sounds like you have got little Louis into a fab nighttime routine - nice work! We are attempting a similar structure with Alex, but half the time he wakes closer to three and then wakes again at 6.15 ....

Sorry to hear that you have such long days home alone - that's really tough. My partner generally doesn't leave the house until 10 in the mornings and is home between 7 and 8, and that's long enough I find!

Alex was 6 pounds, 11 ounces at birth and was 8 weeks yesterday so our little dudes are at a similar stage xxx


Hi Hun have you heard about the dream feed? I'm trying that at the moment feed whilst sleeping at 11.30 then each week push back half hour over the weeks he should develop a great routine by 6 months old. :-) fingers crossed lol oh lovely timing for working hours for your hubby. I do feel like sometimes I'm a single lady as earlier on I'd be in bed fast asleep before I'd see my hubby. Louis has been unpredictable in the last two days with my developing mastitis. :-( he's been feeding more often and waking around 2-4am seems to only settled after feeding when he's snug in my arms every time I put him down wide awake. But the lights are dim and I don't speak to him so he will understand yes it is nightime. :-0 I'm thinking this is just temporary with the circumstances. X hoping !


Hi there!

Yes, have heard about the dream feed (and we currently do a cluster feed of feeds at 5pm and 7pm), but Alex's daddy gives him his 10.30 feed using expressed breast milk from the bottle, and finds that for him to take it he needs to be awake or he just doesn't suck! He is also sometimes reluctant to take the bottle at all, which is another challenge! Still, we will stick with it ...

The books do seem to agree that night feeds should be conductedin the dark, with minimal stimulation, as you say ...

Sorry to hear about the mastitis, and hope it clears up soon xxx


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