What really is the best way to make up baby formula??

Hi All,

Just wondered what some of you other mums are doing regarding making up of baby formula. Are you making as and when needed as per the new guidelines or making in batches and using within 24 hours as people always used to??

I've read a lot online and spoken to lots of people and I am really confused about what to do for the best. I can't see how the making it as you go really works as babies feed time can vary and would mean if he woke screaming he would have to wait another half an hour and isn't fair on him.

Then the making in advance - do you actually make up the feeds and store in fridge or measure out the water and powder and leave to make as and when you need??

It's all so confusing - any advice gratefully received :)

Thanks xx


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14 Replies

  • Hi hun with my second (only one that would take a bottle after being breast fed) I used to measure out water for the day and add powder when needed it.it never did him any harm lol I know I did it 'wrong' but he's been fine :-) xx

  • Thank you. I have tried this way as well and did find it useful but wasn't sure about leaving the water out. It's crazy considering how feeds used to be done lol. And yes I was up feeding :) I couldn't breast feed as he was 5 weeks early and wouldn't or couldn't latch on so had to make the decision as he needed food xx

  • Oh bless him he . looks. Like he is doing fab :-) yea its hard to know what to do for the best but its a mummy thing :-D xx

  • P.s im guessing your up with your little one too lol xx

  • My LO is BF, but often has formula before bed to get him off to sleep - we're using pre made rather than powder. I do throw out what's not used within 24h, and use a bottle within 2h - usually, i make what I need as I go along (although this is clearly different as we don't use much). That said, we do end up wasting a lot, but babies tummies are so sensitive, I don't want to risk gastroenteritis... On the one occasion when I've relied on formula to get us through a bad day during a growth spurt, I made up bottles in batches of three...

  • Thank you for your reply, we used the ready to feed when in hospital and did find it easy but expensive so we used powder now. As we've been home for for nearly 3 weeks we haven't had any tummy problems so I am hoping we are doing. We make up 4 feeds and store in the fridge and works well but good to hear what others are doing. Being a typical worrying mother :) lol xx

  • I BF for 5 weeks then moved to formula! Luckily baby feeds fairly consistently but we boil a full kellte and use it throughout the day and sterilize bottles just before he is due to feed. I was under the impression that bottles only stay sterilized for 6 hours hence not being able to keep then for 24 hours!?! Any way baby takes 4 oz each feed so pour 3oz cooled water re boil kettle and top up to 4oz then add the powder. Makes it to the perfect temperature! During the night we just wash and sterilize bottles after the last feed so they are ready for the next one! X

  • Strictly speaking, bottles are no longer sterile as soon as they come out of the steriliser... In the fridge they remain at a temp where most bacteria do not multiply or do so very slowly... At room temp, most bugs divide every 20 minutes. X

  • Thank you - may give this way a try too :) thanks x

  • I think the main worry is if the water is not at the recommended minimum temp as you mix the powder with it. The powder is not sterile and can carry pathogens, you are not boiling the water only to make it sterile its to kill the bacteria in the powder too. Not making up the bottle properly is one of the main causes of gastroenteritis in babies (water not hot enough), if you are in a rush just use the ready made as it is sterile already, screaming babies and night feeds are not fun! X

  • We currently make the feed from cooled boiled water (within 30 mins of kettle boiling) and mix wait to cool a bit then store in fridge so temp of water when mixed his hot/warm so should kill anything and he hasn't had any issues so hopefully he will be fine :) thank you for your comments it's great to hear what others are doing :) x

  • With both my boys I made about 6 bottles up at a time and then when they were cooled stored them in the fridge and microwaved them as and when I needed them. My midwife said it was a big no no but they are both happy & healthy little boys so never did them any harm.

    If I was going out I would just take formula in a bottle and ask for boiling water and just wait forever for it to cool down.

    I am hoping to breastfeed my 3rd but if not successful then probably will revert back to doing what I have done in the past.

  • The only reason midwives say microwaving is a no-no is because this can lead to hot spots in the milk. I never found this a problem the few times I had to do it, just make sure you shake the bottle really well after heating it :)

  • Although I'm still breastfeeding my youngest my first two were both formula fed. I used to change how I made up feeds depending on what I was doing - if I knew I was going to be out and about I'd make up enough feeds for the time with an extra one "just in case" and pack them in a chiller bag. Other than that I'd just have the water in the bottles (boiled, cooled and sterilised bottles of course) and add the formula as and when I needed it. Having a bottle warmer always on was a bonus too :P

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