Driving myself insane!!!!!

Hi Ladies - am new to this forum...

However I am driving myself up the wall trying to work out of I am pg....

I feel really bloated for the last few days, I have had some nasty headaches which I don't normally suffer with.

Took a test yesterday morning which was negative... am not due on til 14th Aug so may have been took soon.

Been a little more tired than usual and sleeping really well - which before my period I dont until it actually arrives.

Trying to hold out from testing until Monday - but in the meantime I was looking for some feedback ...

Thx xx

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Hey yh def could be too early. I had symptoms for weeks before I did a test as I waited for my period to be late (as normally bang on time) then I pounced and done a test the day after it was due lol! I thought it best to wait to try and get as accurate a result as possible. ..even though some tests can be carried out a few days early. Hang in there!! Monday isn't far away now.

Sounds possible they are symptoms of pregnancy...are you trying to get pregnant?


well we werent.... but we had talked about having a third child lots - in fact I think I would be quite sad if I werent - does that make sense?

we have 2 children so I am not complaining.

just feeling permenantly swollen - I know when I had my second everything happended a lot quicker....

Normally dont get bloated or anything till right on top of my due on date or during - loosing my tiny mind!

Also wee'ing lots more ..


Yh I know exactly what you mean. Oooh sounds like you could be....or could be that you are overthinking it or wanted it to happen more than you realised? Try and wait for the test and try and busy yourself til then. Good luck with it! Keep us informed :-)


cheers ears I will

if I hold out til the weekend it will be a miracle xx


Lol....don't blame ya! x


Looking back, waiting to find out if I am pregnant was the most stressful part of the whole pregnancy, so I can sympathise with how you feel. The issue though is that every woman is different and the symptoms experienced vary. You definitely did the test too early. You could try clear view on the day you expect your period and also 4-5 days later (usually you get two in a pack). It is the only way to make sure I am afraid. Good luck!

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I done a clear Blue digital test 4 days before I was due on and it showed a positive result so can highly recommend them x


Yes I remember doing that with my second child - I think I just knew, although was still shocked when it turned positive lol x


Actually last night I was getting some sharp stabbing/pinching type pains in my abdomen but with fluttery feelings at the same time, which kept me awake for a while....also had a metallic type taste in my mouth this morning, and lost all appetite since yesterday - had to force myself to eat a yoghurt this morning

...... I have given up second guessing now - just see what happens lol x

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