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had a trainee dr in with my consultant today listened to heart beat she did are u having a girl? I said er no its a boy. ... bit naughty as it would get some people who didn't want to know thinking but I know I'm havinga boy well bloody better be as I've bought all boy clothes! I'm Not buying anymore that's the second person to say girl after my scan! !! Oh well just have to wait and see for def I suppose!

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I think the "little turtle" is unmistaken at ultrasounds so I would be really surprised if it is a girl after all that! Maybe it is the shape of your tummy and other old wives tales that make them think it is a girl :-)

I Really hope so as I've got my head round it being a boy now

Really would be a surprise if he turned out to be a she lol xx

Old wives tale that if the baby's heart beat is above 140 then it's a girl. Although lots of ladies whose babies heartbeats were above 140 have had boys so shows its not true. But maybe that's why she said what she said x

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