Only got stung by a bee this morning under my arm near my arm pit it came up red and a little hive...but the red rash started spreading down my arm....I put ice on it...didn't know what else to do and the rash seems to have stopped spreading but still long do they continue to sting for? The rash has faded but feeling a bit sicky...should I get checked out or just see how I go? Baby is moving's just I had reactions to salsa of all things both times when I was pregnant with my boys so a bit paranoid and considering this is a boy just want to double check....

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I used to be stung by bees all the time as a kid. I remember it was taking about a week or a bit less for the stinging to go away. First of all you need to remove the sting. Secondly you did not have difficulty breathing or swelling of the face or throat or wheezing so probably no allergic reaction! Also good news your rash is fading instead of continuing to spread. How is your blood pressure? You may be feeling bad because of the stress and worry about the baby. But if your blood pressure has dropped significantly it is worth seeing your midwife or GP. A call to triage for advice wouldn't hurt anyway!

Take some paracetamol for the pain and apply some vinegar on the sting with cotton wool while you wait for your GP or midwife to prescribe you something acceptable for bee stings in pregnancy to make you more comfortable (I don't think antihistamines are allowed). If possible keep reapplying the ice.

Thanks just feeling sleepy now so I'll have a nap and see how I feel...don't feel dizzy but don't feel right could be cos I am so tired! Ice did help but I'll try the vinegar too thanks again s

Hi babymummy Feeling ok but just wondering if it's normal to have a red ring round it. . Is bigger than a50pence piece is stopped singing but can still feel it x

Oh yes.. I remember the red ring. It is normal and it will go away. Read the following. It'll make you feel better:

I must admit this summer ive had quite alot of near misses by being stung by a bee.

The weather (in Birmingham) has cooled down considerably now but at the height of the heatwave last week id find wasps or bee's wanting to settle themselfs into by arm or something :-(

i'm starting to wonder if its a pregnancy thing.

I've got bees living in a hole in my roof so they are all over the garden....and they stay well away from me even when I walk though a swarm lol. They just must really like you ;-) haha

It continues stinging for a while. It aggravates your skin so that seems normal. Just keep an eye on it for any major reactions....large swellings, etc. As Babymummy says, dab with some vinegar...helps to dull the sting and make sure the actual sting needle is out of your skin. x

Thanks yeah I took the sting out pretty quick! :)

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