symptoms ... am i pregnant ?

hi there im new to all of this and i need some help as im slightly worried .. i feel that i may be 4 weeks pregnant .. im getting sick, headaches, churning sensations in my tummy, sharp pains in my tummy and sharp pains just below my belly button, now they are traveling down towards my groin and feels like a period pain but with out the blood, my back hurts im tired constantly and within the first few weeks ive been obsessed with cleaning, im completely put off food i have a craving for milkshake, my feet hurt my tummy below my belly button has gone hard and im getting alot of spots on my face .. ive done 2 pregnancy tests but both came up negative .. do you think im pregnant im not too sure am i releasing enough hCG hormones i need help please !!!

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  • It sounds like a obvious question to ask but have you had un-protected sex recently. If so have you had a normal period so far / yet.

    It maybe that your HCG hormone levels are a Lil' too loo to detect so you could probably wait a few more days & take / try doing another pregnancy test


  • i have had unprotected sex with my partner for the last month .. i have never had feelings like this before .. i have recently had a normal cycle .. but i am slightly scared that i have my period as me and my partner are trying for a baby xx

  • Hi are you doing the tests first thing in the morning if not try doing a test in the morning I would recommend a clear blue digital as these are accurate if it comes back negative again make an appointment with your gp they may offer you a hcg blood test not all gps do this

  • no i didnt do it in the morning i did them mid day as a friend told me i can do it at any time of the day .. i shall try doing that thank you

  • Still early to do a test buy a digital clearblue 2 pack and do one test then wait a couple of days to do the other...give ur self the chance to build the hcg levels....coming on ur period is very similar to first being pregnant, so very hard to say at this point x

  • ok i shall try doing that if i am pregnant i will be nearly 5 weeks .. im not to sure as i have had these symptoms for the past week and never had the motion of feeling sick or nausia .. and my mood swings have gotten way out of control than what it usually would be if i was on my period x

  • im trying not to panic as me and my partner are trying to conceve as i have had 2 miscarraiges in the past they didnt last over 4 weeks im due on my period this week .. im still getting the little butterfly sensations in my tummy as well as my cramps in my tummy and under the belly button when ever i eat any thing i just get sick ive had toast this morning and drinking more water and im starting to taste metal xx

  • The really good quality home test will detect the hcg level up to 4 days before your period is due. Obviously the first sign is a missed period. I would wait if I was you until you go past the date you are due on then test as you dont want to get your hopes up especially if you have had 2 mc in the past. I know it is hard to wait as it is so exciting. Good things come to those who wait :-)

  • hi every one thank you for all your advice im pleased to say i am 5 weeks pregnant with twins :D xx

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