What an active monkey!!

Hey everyone! I'm 19+6 and last week I had major flutters all the time, and for the last 3 days i have been feeling my bubba proper kicking so much, I can even see my belly move!

I'm thrilled, obviously, but as this is my first I didn't think I'd start feeling bubba till 24 weeks...

Anyone else feel bubba this early! :)

From happy Duppy :)

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  • Hi hun so glad yr enjoying all the movements :-) I felt my first about 18weeks then it got bit earlier with second and third x its such a lovely special feeling and make it all seem real :-D everyone feels baby at different times all depends on where baby is position of placenta but great news :-) xx

  • Sounds like he / she is going to be a right active one. With my 1st son i think i felt proper movements around wk21 - 22. You're 20wk scan should be comin up soon, do you have a in-cling of what baby the gender is or are you going to be willing to wait till B'day ?

  • What a lovely post! Currently watching tv and feeling some serious somersaults at 17w + 4. Been feeling the odd flutter here and there for a week or so. I would have thought it was a bit of indigestion at first, had my friend not mentioned that I might feel it soon.

    Other half thinks I'm just suggestible...


  • Thanks Ladies! My 20 week scan is on weds and I'm ruddy excited... We're staying team yellow till d day! :)

    Oh Lou, I know what you mean... Why are men so disinterested when it comes to babies/pregnancy! My other half just doesn't get excited like me! :)

  • Team yellow rocks!!! :-)

  • I was feeling it around the same time as you, watching your belly move is amazing :)

    You wait missus there is much more to come....I am 28 weeks and I can feel the head and at the mo my bubba likes to be upright and pummel my bladder with the feet...I said to my man can you have a word with said child and get him/her to stop kicking me in the bladder! Lol ;)

    I have seen a friends belly videos later in pregnancy so I know for me there is more to come on this journey :) xx

  • Wow, lovely!

  • im nearly 25 weeks and my little mans movements are getting much more noticable, last night i was watching my belly move but as soon as i put my hand there or i get someone else to look he stops (being stubborn runs in the family, his daddy and i are both stubborn) ive been putting light things on my belly and he is kicking at them aswell its great, love it everytime i feel something

    x x x

  • So glad you posted this!! I've been thinking, surely I shouldn't be feeling this much so soon!

    I'm 19+5 and been feeling the same thing. Lots of big kicks in the last few days. My belly was moving this morning whilst eating breakfast :-)

    I've got my 20 week scan on monday, also super excited.

    We are team yellow all the way too ;-)


  • How exciting!! Hope baby is calm and in a good position for you! xx

  • i can't wait to feel movements - had a bit of a stress attack yesterday so went to see midwife who very kindly saw me and let me hear heartbeat again. I'm 18 + 1 weeks and desperate to feel something as i have 2 other friends who are pregnant at same stage and are feeling things. Midwife kindly suggested it might be because i'm not "skinny" that it would be harder to feel something (her oh so polite way of avoiding calling me "fat"!!!) she has a point to be fair but i'm very impatient so hoping i can share in your joy in the next couple of weeks too.

    Less than 2 weeks til 20 week scan too now - we're not finding out either. so it's creams all the way for us. With a due date of November 21st it's only 4 weeks til christmas so i figured we'll get given lots of stuff then!

    Thanks for you blog Duppy as always x :)

  • Ah, Robson, I know how you feel in different wat. My baby is active and kicking but I don't have a bump really yet!

    Everyone keeps saying, 'oh, yo're really small for 19-20 weeks' Makes me feels fat and rubbish! I can't wait for the bump to appear, my friend is 2 weeks behind me and already bigger than me!!

    Truely everyone is different but it all evens out and by Christmas we will all have perfect little babies :0)

    Good luck with your scan xXx

  • Robson: You have to keep in your mind that everyone is different, as i have to repeatedly remind myself! Oh bless you, well i would see that as a good thing, as your baby is cushioned and protected even more! It wont want to come out!

    It's such an exciting time for us all, and reading people's updates make me feel better... It's great to share i think!

    I cannot beleive we are all going to have a baby at Christmas!

    It's my 30th in September and at first i was so upset that i would be fat and pregnant and not be able to drink, but now i am thinking that this is The BEST present ever!!!

  • I'm 40 in September :) eeeeeeeek! I was a bit miffed at first as:

    1) I was going to be 7 months preg (fat and teetotal); and

    2) My husband wasn't going to be here for it.

    But, I don't actually miss drinking (says the half irish woman!!! shock horror) and my husband has got his R&R for my bday :) yay

    Roll on Nov x

  • Ah Duppy, it's my 30th in 2 weeks! Everyone's saying the same to me, 'what a shame you won't be able to celebrate properly' etc.

    Er, hello, I don't need a drink to have a good time! And I'm pregnant, not sick, I can still party! Well, maybe til midnight at least ;0)

    I agree being pregnant is the best birthday present ever!


  • Ahh Happy Birthday you old minx!! :)

    Mid night?! More like 9pm... hahaha

  • hols_13, Dont feel bad about being small or not having a baby bump, im having my first and i feel baby all the time and im only 14 weeks and a couple days but im really tiny so baby doesnt have very much space to move and when i first felt baby move i flipped out and went to the docs and she said everything was fine but i need to gain more weight before we start seeing the baby threw my tummy. i just had my first ultra sound 2 weeks ago and have a VERY active baby to, and the doc made a joke and said baby had a bigger tummy then i did. :) and looks like we all are having christmas babies :)

  • Hey I'm the same I have my 20 week scan on Tuesday !! I have started to feel a few flutters too which I'm excited about as I have an anterior placenta so wasn't sure how long it would take me. Xxx

  • Good luck for tomorrow!! I bet you are so excited!! x

  • I had flutters from 17 weeks - really early, and I'm not a skinny malinky either. He's a bouncy ninja bean and I can see them from the outside sometimes now. Busy boy!

  • How exciting! I'm having my first baby too but I started to feel the flutters around 16 weeks and then by 18 weeks they were strong enough to distinguish a roll over from a kick. Now at 19 weeks I am starting to recongnise even smaller movements. It's great! Congratulations to you on feeling you baby move - so reasurring isn't it?!

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