Feeling a bit sorry for myself

Probably making a fuss over nothing but I'm feeling a tiny bit sorry for myself. 17 weeks pregnant and just told the whole world, only to look down at my tum yesterday and notice some red dots, and realised that I'm getting shingles.

A trip to the doctor and before I know it I'm on anti-viral medication, so bang goes my idea of not taking anything whilst pregnant. According to the internet and the doctors it's more of a risk to me and the baby not to take them than not to.

Been signed off work for at least a week (every cloud...), but now I can't go to my friend's wedding in Edinburgh at the weekend so I feel rotten for letting her down at the last minute (and several hundred quid lighter with no benefit as my tickets are non refundable). It's also really contagious so I probably won't be able to go to the midwife's appt either.

Now I've got a nerve wracking month before my next scan to see if there's any negative impact on the baby. My partner's pretty hard line about termination if there's anything wrong, so it's going to be a nail biting wait.

Really sorry to whinge, particularly as I see so many people having a much harder time of it than I am, apparently feeling massively sorry for yourself is a side effect of shingles though so hopefully you will all grant me a pass just this once!


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Oh Lou42, I feel so sorry for you, honestly! . It might be worth a try ringing your midwife to see if you could re-arrange your appointment for next week "or something" once you've explained what you've come down with.

If its any consulation my son had chicken-pox about 4weeks ago " i was roughly 16 wks pregnant then" & it scared me to bits as it was something that had been circulating around his class at school for a while.

As im classed as a "low risk pregnant woman" i havent been given the chance to get a early scan (apart from the 12 & 20 wk) ones. Luckily enough my 20wk scan is coming up on Thursday morning & im just as anxious as i was when it was my 1st pregnancy.

I still feel well "within myself" & i personally didnt get chicken-pox (something to do with being immune due to having it as a child) Every cloud...........& so.

But its a right "bummer" your going to miss your friends wedding though.

Hopefully you & baby will be fine. It may do you some good to also be off work too for the next couple of weeks :-)


I think you have every right to feel sorry for yourself.

As for your "No refund" situation I know it is not on the forefront of your mind but we were due to go on a driving experience one weekend and I was taken into hospital with a heavy bleed and thought I was having a MC and obviously couldn't go on the weekend as I was still in hospital. I wrote to the experience place who said in there guidlines "no refunds" and I got a refund. Send them a copy of your doc note and a sob story. I sent them a copy of the discharge letter from the hospital.


O.k, nice one, im guessing either the manager / director was a very understanding woman "in this case", as there usually very adament about keeping to their policies.

Just goes to show, you never know!!! :-)


My friend had shingles

With both her pregnancies she didn't take any antiviral meds thou....but both her children are fine xx


Thank you everyone for such lovely comments! I am hoping that the making of a chicken pie this evening will make the world a much better place! And I may just give it a go on the refund front, you are right, it's worth a punt!

Also going to ask for them to bring my scan forward, also worth it to be fretting for a bit less time.



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