Hi all am 33 weeks gone today. My baby has been in the same position now for about a week i can still feel it kicking and it's head moving and I can feel it when it's got the hiccups so i know everythings fine. I've been on my maternity ball to try and get it (we don't know the sex) to move is there anything else I could be doing or is this were baby will stay until birth. any suggestion would be great thanks inadvance

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  • When my baby was found to be back-to-back a little further along than you are now, my midwife said that according to the latest research, the techniques for moving baby that you can do yourself (maternity ball, etc.) are only effective after the onset of labour. At your next appointment you could ask for more details so you know what to do when the time comes. You've got plenty of time for little'un to turn to face the right way on its own though--mine did shortly before engaging.

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  • Do you know what way baby is facing? It's around about this time that you want baby to go head down and stay there! He/she will start running out of room soon so having a breech bubba turn becomes more difficult (though not impossible).

    With a bit of luck yours has already headed south. Bouncing on your ball is great for encouraging head-down-ness, as is being on all fours - I used to kneel on the floor with my elbows on my ball and sway my hips from side to side which good to get baby rolling, be careful not to over stretch in that position though x

  • Head is at the top on the right side so breech

  • Is that confirmed by your midwife? I only ask as I was convinced my son was breech but it turned out that I was feeling his bum at the top not his head!

    Still loads of time to turn so don't worry - keep bouncing and try the all fours thing plus do lots of walking (stay cool in this sunny weather though). Good luck!

  • No not confirmed by midwife think i can tell the way its kicking. thanks for the help

  • exactly the same as me ha ! its weird isn't it ? im 29 weeks with my 2nd, she has been in the same position for weeks ! had a 4d scan 2 weeks ago and it explained a lot, was in the same position at the midwife last week . my son was allways head down from 20 week scan well when ever they checked he was any way .

    it eases on ur bladder so that's a plus but is pretty uncomfortable under ur ribs , like something stuck u want 2 move but cant ... I had an emergency section with my son so doesn't really make a difference to me if she doesn't turn cos I would like a planned 1 this time but think there is still plenty of time to turn .

  • Oh its so much easier on the bladder which am thankful for

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