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Expected a boy too high!!

I had my 20wk scan today I really had a feeling for a boy , I expected to high on a boy...

To my news it's seems to b a girl... Enivitly am happy

But would preferred a boy... As I have two girls

And one special need boy...:-))

Anyone feel the same... I want to still enjoy n b

Happy but it will take few days to accept n to look forward?

Please sumone feel to write to me....

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congrats on your baby girl :)

I have a little girl who is 7 and i always imagined my life with two little girls in it... i could never imagine a boy, had a girls name picked and all.

We couldnt find out at the 20 week scan and i wanted to know so i could finally tell my little girl.. we booked a gender scan in a private clinic and to my amazement it was a boy! it was a complete shock, i had so wanted another girl.. but seeing him in 4D and taking away little pictures of him was just amazing :) now im so happy.. it took a good few days to get my head round it but now i couldnt imagine him any different.. im 37 weeks and counting the days until hes here :)

Your just half way through your pregnancy, you have a good bit to go and a while to get your head round it.. :) i know many women who have their hopes set on either one but regardless as long as baby is healthy and happy, at the end of the day thats all that matters.. xx


I really wouldn't worry what you are feeling it is quite normal. I have got 2 sons already and I am desperate for a girl. After my mc in December though and all the emotions and tears that were shed over my lost baby I am quite grateful for falling pregnant again so quick after the mc.

I have got my 20 week scan next Thursday and dont want to find out what gender for the simple fact that I dont want to be gutted if another boy (i know it sounds heartless and I hate putting it) but if I wait till the baby is born I know whatever sex it is I will fall in love instantly and wont care.


I had thought I was carrying a girl but now I think boy but know I have to keep n open mind as dont want to feel disappointed as I have been blessed with a baby....felt like it when I had my first years ago but kept telling myself to be happy with either....all my friends know I'd love a little girl so I don't want to hear disappointment in their voices if its a boy!


:-). Thanku mums..... Really helped me...

But I finally knw it will take time to sink in...

I really didn't think I would get emitional n devastating

Feeling ... I knw my happy thoughts will cum

Soon ... As having bi polar doesn't help to b

Happy emotions any sooner...


I had a feeling this lo was a girl cos I felt totally different to when I was pregnant with my son ! and I was right it is a girl ! I really wanted another boy : ) im super happy to b having another baby and know how lucky I am ( tried for 2 years , and its a 50/50 ) I have tried and cant get excited about a girl which then makes me feel guilty : ( everyone else keeps saying how nice it is to have 1 of each , my mum already has 2 granddaughters but I cant tell u how happy she is im having a girl . I don't intend to have any more babys and cant help feeling a little sad I wont have a baby boy again. im sure once shes here I will b thinking y did I ever want a boy but until then ....


I knw Hun .... But as said its blessing either way...

N yeh it's not nice to feel remorse about it....

Then again never think never... And I have had lots

Of obstacles in life .... That ave learnt to put my head up high

Whatever my feelings to wants were n what

Weren't in my destiny.... N to please myself n my

World of angels that gods blessed.... Me with.

That's what matters .... Ideally girls give n take lots more love... Emotionally



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