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When should you start buying baby stuff?

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It's a long way off us having to worry getting anything yet, or doing any decorating, but...In your opinion, when is an 'ok' time to start getting everything together?

I think once you've had the 20week scan and everything is okay, then that's a good time to sort the nursery and buy baby gear. However, my husband thinks it's 'unlucky' to start too early and seems to be planning on us sorting the nursery when there's only two months to go (and that seems a bit late to me). However, this is our first and we have no idea what we're doing! ;)

Thoughts and opinions please....x

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I painted the nursery at 26 weeks (as suggested by Bounty, so the room is fume free by EDD), we've just finished with furnishing (31 weeks), bought travel system last week. Can't bring myself to buy clothes as it feels unlucky!! Don't think I'll relax until Flump is safely here (and even then, I'm so paranoid re: SIDS)


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Oh ok, maybe my hubby was right. What is SIDS?

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i haven't bought anything yet and I am 26 weeks yet, not because don't want too but am moving house right now, but it should all be done by time I am 30 weeks. its whenever u feel happy to buy stuff, although personally I wud wait till 3rd trimester

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Yeah, ok, that makes sense. I hadn't really given it much thought to be honest...and I think I was just surprised when he said about not doing anything until October halfterm!

i am 30 weeks and have bought nearly everything ... i am due on maternity in 5 weeks so wanted it all done. we are touching up our daughters bedroom this week in preperation for new carpet and all new furniture so both girls have matching.

i think it all depends on when your ready ... baby events are also a good time to start x

SIDS is sudden infant death syndrome, I always wait till I no what I'm having then I start buying x

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Is that like 'cot death'? :(

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Yes - SIDS is 'geek speak' for cot death xx

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...and hopefully the Angelcare AC1100 monitor is going to help keep me sane (or make me obsess even more... :-/)

It really depends on how you both feel. My first bought everything straight away. 2nd waited until 20 weeks scan to find out then went buying. Third time I didn't start buying until 30 weeks purely because I couldn't get my head round being pregnant lol no mistaking it really but mentally wasn't there but Im ready now 4 weeks to go potentially. :-) xx

With my 1st I bought nearly everything at 12weeks I just think I was just to excited and didn't realise that after that point anything could still happen. I dont think there is ever a 'safe' time to buy bits. I haven't bought anything for baby no3 yet and not planning on painting the nursery until 2 months before my due date I am just to scared as dont want to jinx anything for getting to excited (if that makes sense).

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Yeah, I get that. I don't believe in 'bad luck' but I get that you feel like you could 'jinx' everything going well. (I'm also aware that what I just typed completely contradicts itself!)

I started buying things about eight weeks before my due date. My mother in law was constantly going on a me to start buying things from about 17weeks but I didn't want to tempt fate as anything can happen. Plus I didn't want the house full of baby things until she had arrived safely which thankfully she did in February. I brought everything in about a two week period. Internet is great and everything was delivered when I was on maternity leave which was very convenient. The Moses basket, cot and pram where only brought into the house after she was born.

I'm 16+4 weeks and I've started buying bits & pieces that I've seen in the sales etc but nothing major. Going to have a look at prams today. Think I'm just so excited about it all it's hard to stop myself!

I'm having scans every 4 weeks due to a cyst I have (and they're also keeping an eye on my bloods due to antibodies!) but it actually puts my mind at ease that I can see that my little Peanut is ok :-) means I worry less and feel more at ease buying things. We're putting off decorating though as we're moving in September so in some ways I'm being forced to leave the excitement of buying all the nursery stuff til then.

Hope you're all well xx

I don't think there is a right or wrong time, I was told that when I was pregnant "one in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage" So I replied, that means 4 out of five are prefectly fine, I'll take those odds. Buying things early does not mean that you are more likely to have issues, or you will be penalised. I went hairy mary on ebay and loved every minute shopping. If anything did go wrong, I would have the support of family to help me, but I would never think, glad I never bought that outfit......enjoy it and at the end of the day, whatever you choose to do is right. I have already lost one at 10 weeks previously.

I dont think there is a write or wrong time to buy things and I also don't believe in good or bad luck. My first i was not sure wat to do so left it all for my friends they had it all ready for me at 31 weeks, the second i was off traveling came back to the uk the 5th and gave birth da 24 so had about two weeks to get it all done. My little princess had every thing ready for her by week 28 maybe its because its a girl but (: with this baby due to have my 20 weeks scan on the 14 and already i am picking up stuff just because i am having some complications and need to ready regardless of the situation. My partner works in Bristol i would heat it if things should turn for the worst and I did not have any thing prepare(some men are useless when it come to emergency situation) I would not want to put him through that. But do it when you feel you are ready to.

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Thank you; that's really good advice :)

I was moving house around 26 weeks so that delayed me and then didn't buy the things until around week 29/30,just cos I started feeling super under prepared for this little one and wanted to feel a bit more ready for his arrival. Also this is my first and i started feeling super over whelmed buying all these baby things so we bought some stuff and then I went home to do more research on what else we needed, reviews etc.

If we have another one probably won't need to start so early haha

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