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I am 9 weeks pregnant with 2nd baby, i have my scan 20th june. I have this very weird feeling that i am carrying twins there is twins on my partners side. I am being sick all the time and i am showing and stomach quite hard, tired all the time this time round just feel very strange to how i was with my daughter. I just wondered if anyone with twins felt this before they found out thanks :)

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Hi I'm currently pregnant with twins and to be honest I didn't have a clue, no sickness nothing different to my first pregnancy apart from less symptoms which isn't the norm for twin pregnancies. There are twins on my fathers side of the family so I assume this is how it happened to me :) apparently non identical twins come from the mothers side of the family not the fathers and identical twins are apparently meant to be a one off, but they do say sometimes family's are more prone for this to happen than others. I hope you find out that you are having twins, I feel so lucky to be carrying my two girls. Good luck xxx

Sorry I forgot to say I was extremely hungry from the beginning, before I even knew I was pregnant x

thankyou for your advice. i just have this feeling i cant seem to get it out my head and theres no way of knowing without a scan which feels like forever away. how many weeks are you? bet you can not wait. where you shocked at the start? xx

Not a problem, some people have a feeling you never know you could be right. To be honest I wasn't shocked as I had some early bleeding so had a scan at about six and a half weeks they found one baby and heartbeat and an irregular sac with nothing in it so I was told not to get my hopes up as the second baby will more than likely not make it. We never gave up we were wanting both babies so much, then we had a re scan ten days later and amazingly two babies and two heartbeats we just couldn't believe it :)

I'm now 24+1 weeks and getting pretty big ;) I know the feeling about scans I was lucky to get the early scans but they all seem so far apart don't they, you don't have long now xxxx

I am 19 weeks with my second set of non identical twins. I had no idea with my second my first were ICSI babies, didnt think I would have twins naturally! I have felt very tired, very sick, but not sick, went right off food, had headaches..thankfully starting to feel a little better now. Apart from my tummy really aching at times! I have my 20 week scan next week, so very excited

Hi I'm 21+3 with identical twin girls, I had extreme nausea from the beginning and totally went off food. I had no idea I was having twins until my 12wk scan. Since then iv had constant headaches, but I know it will all be worth it. I didn't start showing till 16wks and now have growth scans every 2wks, which I find very reassuring as I have an anterior placenta and haven't felt much movement. How come you haven't had a 12wk scan? Xx

*sorry just read that you are 9wks, xx

Do twins run in your family? Usually fraternal twins have to run in the mothers side, as it is the mother who produces the eggs. And identical twins are more random. I have a friend who is expecting twins and she has been explaining all this to me. So your chances of having twins shouldn't be influenced too much by them running our your partners side. But if you're showing this early then you never know!! You must be so excited for your scan!! Let us know!! xx

hi sarah no twins don't run in on my side only my partners but his father is the one with twins on his side but then my partners mother has twins so really confused. Yes very excited, worried at the same time because i have a 9 month already but i am sure everything will fall into place. thanks for everyone advice x

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