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Emergency scan needed. can anyone help please?

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Im 8wks pregnant and had a blood discharge today (Saturday) I went to the A&E of Chelsea and Westminster but they don't have anyone that can do a scan on a week end, so they sent me home without knowing if Im still pregnant or not. They will ring me after the bank holiday (Monday) to give me an app. I cant believe it!

Does anyone know where can I have a scan done privately asap?


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Go to a different hospital. Mary's will almost certainly be able to scan you - you could call ahead and see if EPAU is open (that way you know there's a dedicated obs and gynae registrar lurking too!)

Did they do an internal? If so, was the cervical os open of closed? If not, definitely head to Mary's!!!


is the st Mary's hospital the one you mean?

the GP said he could do an internal but it would be inconclusive./

Also, he had the equipment and said he would be able to scan me , but he is not trained so the results would also be inconclusive.

I am too stressed to listen to an inconclusive diagnosis, so I didn't do it.

That's a crock of shite! More like the GP didn't want to examine you (a surprising number of GPs no longer have this skill as most smears are done by practice nurses, and it really is a 'use it or loose it skill')

And if A&E triage palmed you off in the Out of Hours GP, I would definitely seek a second opinion!! The reason no one could scan you was probably more to do with the GP not having time to refer you to A&E or directly to obstetrics. Although these two pathways (A&E and GP) can feel the same to the patient, they are very much different - you have not been assessed by A&E - you've been seen by the out of hours co-op GP (much the same as requesting a GP home visit).

Yes - Paddington. Much bigger tertiary referral centre so more likely to have the expertise out of hours (although surprised at C&W - I got an emergency scan by the head of foetal and maternal medicine at my District General on Good Friday)! Good luck - hope all is ok. Xx


we are on our way

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DrFluffy in reply to DrFluffy

No longer surprised, GP is not the same as A&E! Xx

St Marys' wont do the scan until Tuesday. they don't have "after hours" scan. I have to keep waiting. Three days without knowing if my baby is alive or not. this is crazy.

Ultra baby is a private clinc give them a call

:-( That's rubbish! What are West London service playing at?

I know it must be so bloody hard for you all the waiting...hope you'll be ok.i'm going from one week to another,waiting and waiting ...if that will help a little-i've lost gush of pink blood at 10 weeks.had no pains,i actually felt fine that day.went to A&E on sunday at 9am and wasnt seen till 7pm!!!all they've done was blood tests and urine sample lol.had to wait till thursday just to hear heartbeat.no scan was offered to me.looking back now i dont know how i didnt murder anyone then...but lucky it turned up ok.well i had 5more bleedings since then but still have no answer why.baby is ok and i'm 24weeks now so thats all matters.hopefully you'll be the same and wish you all the best.xx


Try ultrasound direct. They do scans on a Sunday but it will cost you £99. It won't let u book online for today but if you call they may have last minute appointments available. Good luck x x


i had the same issue around the 8 week point. Had quite a lot of blood and major panicked so got a taxi straight to the hospital. They said that as it was a Saturday there was no one there to do a scan so was booked in for the following Tuesday. They basically said that at 8 weeks if i had had a miscarriage there was nothing they could do at such an early stage anyway which was horrible but the nurse was very sympathetic. Everything turned out fine and am now 37 weeks. I've had a few scares where i have just started bleeding for no reason and when i got checked out at the hospital around 25 weeks they did an internal and said it was erosion from the neck of my womb and it was really common. I am sure you will be absolutely fine its just the worry and the waiting! Good luck! X

thanks for your kind words.

im not feeling very positive right now, but I have to wait anyway.

lets see what happens on Tuesday.

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Megzey in reply to thesecondtime

How did you get on with your scan??? Good news I hope?

I was in the same boat as you on a Sunday but I just told them to admit me to a ward until I could get a scan as they wouldn't have been able to fit me in till Wednesday at EPU. That wasn't in London though.

not good news I am afraid.

the baby is gone and its difficult, well more than difficult, to cope with loss.

I feel I am mourning, saying goodbye to a nice dream.

the NHS has treated me and my family like a piece of meat, not a person and its been disgusting. the worse care I ever had to encounter in my whole life.

They made me feel ignored, insignificant and valueless.

I will probably explain to you all, when I get the strength. Now, I am afraid I cant

thanks everyone in this blog that has been so supportive.

good luck with your pregnancies and babies!! enjoy them, they don't happen to everyone

I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my baby at 8 weeks in march. Thankfully the hospital were very good when I had to be operated on but the time from when I started bleeding until my second scan I felt ignored and like no one cared what we were going through. It was the support of the ladies on this forum that helped me through the bad times so I hope you can find some comfort and support from it too. xx

:-( gutted for you.

There are a few ladies on here that have been through exactly what you have been through (myself included) Please try and think positive and move on from the experience, as horrible the experience is, you have got to trust your body and know that it is doing it's job.

The NHS treated you unfairly and did not give you the duty of care that you needed and it is a let down. Pick yourself up and start thinking positive keep your chin up.

It also happened to me last year, I have a painful contraction on the early morning of my 40th Birthday, spend almost the whole day in the A&E waiting took longer before the doctor saw me, they said that they cannot do anything being weekend, I only had my emergency scan monday morning, I'm 11 weeks but my baby looks 7 weeks and they cannot see any heartbeat they did not give a chance on the baby, friday morning I naturally miscarriage, I was so totally heart broken. I did not have D&C for everything went out naturally. It will be a year next month since I lost my baby angel and until now it still hurts. But I'm coping well now with the help of my husband and 2 young kids.


thanks so much for your support

its so heart breaking.

having more children doesn't make it less painful. every pregnancy is an illusion, each one is a different one.

I don't think the staff in the NHS have a clue what a miscarriage means, they see it as a procedure. they de-humanized the experience. they don't realize they are dealing with a woman, not a robot. its appalling.

good luck everyone!

I am so so sorry to hear of your loss, I feel very sad for you and cannot help but well up as I know how painful this is for you, I have lost 2 babies in the 1st trimester. This sat just past was my due date for my last baby and I was terrified about getting pregnancy again. It was 3 months before I fell and I am now 22 weeks but that does not stop me from feeling sad for previous losses. You are going to be grieving my lovely, you spend the first few weeks/months coming to terms with the idea that you are expecting, you decide who to tell and when and even start to think about names and then something like this happens and you just cannot believe it nor understand it. I found this time around talking to my friends a great source of support, a shoulder to cry on and I also read a lot on this site.


I wish you well hunni and if you want to chat, you know where you can find us. Take care XX

I was in the same situation as you, last year i found out i was pregnant but first ultrasound ive done there was no baby already, no one supported me and i had to continue with my normal life working and everything like nothing happened and all this time i felt so angry at people that seen to have such an easy pregnancy they just have one than another and no problems. Now i am pregnant again but i am so scared about my first scan or about the all pregnancy it's awful you never know when u will start bleeding and everything will fall apart. Just give yourself some time, you re not alone unfortunately lots of women go through the same but its sad the fact that no one offers you help or support and they just treat us as boring people who are bothering them with our worries

Hi, I am sorry for ur lose and like most of us we have been there. 1 doctor told me i was never pregnant it was my imagination, but it hurts like hell i know words will never explain how it feels. But we r here for u wen you are ready to talk. and be strong you will get through this, just remember cry if you want to scream if you have but let it out dont keep it in. :) xxxx

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