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Could I be pregnant???

Hi ladies I know the obvious way to find out the answer to my question is to do a test when the time is right, but sitting waiting is an absolute nightmare especially when you want the test to be positive but anyway I want to ask you lovelies anyway.

Had sex 3 days after my period ended then again on what i believe was my ovulation day and the day after does anyone think there could be a chance of pregnancy???

As I am going stir crazy waiting to find out.....

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Sperm lives inside you for up to 7 days so always a possibility...I took clearblue digital test 4 days before my period and it came up can recommend that for early testing x


Thank you for sharing and giving an answer to my question..

Much appreciated x


With every cycle a women in normal health has a 20% chance of being pregnant when you have sex before, during and after your ovulation day, (3 day window) sperm mainly lives in your vagina for three days max, hence by say to keep topping up in your fertile period!

You are now on the two week wait, so seven days past ovulation you can expect implantation bleeding, tiny amount of brownish blood, usually with cramping and back ache (but some women do not get this ) I did!

Then seven days later is when you should test to see if you are pregnant :)

Good luck with your two week wait, I know it's a nightmare :)


The decent tests can detect pregnancy up to 4 days before your period is due. I know if might be to exciting to wait as we have all been in your situation but you might end up spending a fortune on tests if you are not careful. I think I could have bought the clear blue company last dec by the amount I spent on them.


I really wasn't impressed by ClearBlue - I did two tests (after 4 cheaper - positive - ones) and both gave completely different dates! Complete waste of money if you ask me! The £1.50 test was as positive as the 19.50 one!! If ClearBlue was so great, A&E depts would use them routinely (they don't)!


The dates varied by 3 weeks and neither were correct! Mystic Meg could have fine a better job!


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