wow so happy baby due on Christmas day

I just have to say me and my hubby 2 be are going to have a baby after a year of trying :) I didn't ever think it was gunna happen but it has I just relaxed and it happened I had my mind sat on having a baby it never happened but when I relaxed it just happened I think that's the best way now I am 5 weeks pregnant and baby is due Christmas day


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  • Ah congratulations, what a lovely little Christmas prezzie for you.

  • awww thank you I cant wait :)

  • That's amazing! Congrats!! I have heard that before, about how if you obsess about it too much it doesn't happen. A friend of mine's sister had three babies through IVF, thinking they could never conceive naturally. Then, after that, when they had decided no more babies, boom! Fell pregnant naturally with their fourth!!

    All the very best with your pregnancy xxx

  • Awe thank you so much I was obsessed with it I lost a baby as well so it just gets worse but now I am so happy and can't wait

    Thank you so much xxx

  • ah lovely congratulations xx

  • thank you so much xx

  • I had my daughter on 7th December.. 7 years ago :) it really is wonderful and the whole month of December is a celebration for us :)

    Congratulations xxxx

  • thank you so much my sister mum and nephew and now my baby are all going to be in December so celebrations for us are not cheep

    put very happy :)

  • Aww congratulations.. My niece was brought home christmas day (she was 8 weeks premature) and my daughters a new years eve baby (: x

  • Wow not nice being 8 weeks premature but what a nice Christmas Day that would be and a New Years baby that's really nice thanks you xx

  • Congrats u had any sickness x

  • No not yet very lucky at mo xx

  • congrats!!!

    its the best xmas gift :)

    enjoy your pregnancy, its such a lovely state.

    all the best

  • thank you very much I so cant wait best gift my hubby ever :) x

  • Oh Christmas is definitely going to be magical :) perfect Christmas prezzy, Congrats xxx

  • 100% cant think of anything better thank you xxx

  • Congratulations! Mine is due 22nd! What wonderful Christmas presents we will have this year!!! XXX

  • wow congratulations great little present for us both :) your the first person I no who is going to have a Christmas baby aswell xxx

  • Congratulations! I'm due 22nd of Dec so this wil b a very exciting Christmas x x

  • wow congratulation hun I cant wait for Christmas going to be amazing good luck with everything xx

  • I love this message and are really happy for you.

    Me and my husband have been trying for nearly 3 years and also thought it was not possible, last month we had been referred to Leeds hospital to start IVF treatment only to find out a few weeks later that I'm pregnant without having to start the treatment :) - also due on Christmas Day.

    Good look with your pregnancy xxxx

  • wow I am so happy for you I have not had a very good year myself and my hubby 2 be after losing 2 babies and lost a baby at 20 weeks so very hard but we are now very happy had loads of test and a scan a baby is doing fine

    good luck hun with everything pregnancy and birth :) xxxx

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