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We can Save Our NHS

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We can Save Our NHS by stopping risk on our roads. 70 years ago when the NHS was founded there were NO Volkswagens, NO BMWs, NO Audis, NO Mercedes and NO Porsche 9-11 Types of thing on our roads so people could cycle and walk safely.

In 1948 Great British Railways had also been established by The Labour Government and Clement Attlee welcomed the Windrush Generation who rebuilt Britain and made it Great.

We want to Make Britain Great Again by welcoming immigrants from The Commonwealth like we did. These wonderful people became our NHS Nurses and Doctors, they drove our Buses and helped us getting on and off the bus, their work paid the taxes that paid for Our NHS and a virtuous cycle of immigration, work, taxes, pubic services and economic growth was created. We need to restore this virtuous cycle and break the vicious cycle of the hostile environment, unemployment, cutbacks, denial of bus services and economic decline.

Let's celebrate Our NHS today and forever by remembering how we achieved it in 1948.