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Pls any healthy tips regarding major depressive disorder, depression has chartered my life for the past 5 months. Unfortunately for me am not Scottish neither am I from Europe, just third world africa n Nigeria to be precise.. The stigma here in Nigeria is enormous.. I really want to seek help but the financial aspect of it, is twenty times as many.. pls I need help. Am in medical school, currently studying at nnamdi azikiwe university in Anambra state. My symptoms are very disabling n on many occasions it has make me completely dumb n empty..I feel like committing suicide every cos I constantly feel shit and disconnected from dis world.. pls I would like to see your feedback as soon as possible thank you!

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Hi sorry to hear you are going through this. Exercise such as walking can help. Thing is how to motivate oneself to go for the walk when depressed? What you can do is start with just a 5 minute walk .. this feels less stressful so it's easier to get up and do it. Once you make it a habit you may find that you feel like doing 10 minutes.. raise it just by 5 minutes and then again once it becomes a habit again by 5 minutes .. if you get a 20 min walk at least 3 times a day you will feel better physically and emotionally.

Also be sure to drink plenty of water and water- high fruits and vegs. Cucumber tomato melon orange etc. Because dehydration can make depression symptoms worse.

Hope this helps. If you are on Facebook consider joining a support group so you won't feel so alone .. I am on one called Depression and Anxiety A Rollercoaster Ride .. it's nice to chat with people who can relate.