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Pls any healthy tips regarding major depressive disorder, depression has chartered my life for the past 5 months. Unfortunately for me am not Scottish neither am I from Europe, just third world africa n Nigeria to be precise.. The stigma here in Nigeria is enormous.. I really want to seek help but the financial aspect of it, is twenty times as many.. pls I need help. Am in medical school, currently studying at nnamdi azikiwe university in Anambra state. My symptoms are very disabling n on many occasions it has make me completely dumb n empty..I feel like committing suicide every cos I constantly feel shit and disconnected from dis world.. pls I would like to see your feedback as soon as possible thank you!

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Hello my friend I've experience Worldwide from Liberia Nigeria to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia all of the Gulf Middle east including Iraq etc and Afghanistan my favorite country and NWFP as far east to Bangladesh Dhaka, Celet stigma is much worse in Arab countries and third world countries.

Are you taking Anti-depressants, I would state the best, saving my life, would recommend Mirtazepine 15-45mg/daily in Sol-tabs; soluble tablets ideally due to the speed of action on the body which is vital to address and stop mood disorders as soon as possible.

Amytryptaline Tricyclics are old but they are a good alternative.

I hope this message find you I have a wealth of experience in the field both academically and as a fellow patient though I began in '98 with Chronic depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and mood disorders; to 2003 Cyclothymia Dysthymia Noted and Moderate mood disorders to Full bipolar the worst as you feel the contrast from a good day if you ever get one to the opposite in a matter of hours is really felt and impacts you.

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