Fainting episode

Yesterday morning I was sitting on the settee at 7.40am the next thing I remember is waking up on the floor at 7.50am with my son leaning over me crying. I have no recollection what happened to this minute. I went to lie in bed and was talking gibberish and kept feeling like I was going to be sick and pass out . I think I may have passed out a couple more times as I kept losing time. These were different though as I could feel myself going whereas the first time I don't know what happened. My partner took me to a&e because of my confusion and I collapsed again when I got there. I was checked for sugars, iron, had an ecg, had a ct scan and nothing was found. I'm thinking my confusion and my later passing out may have been concussion from my first fall as my head is bruised and sore so I must have fallen quite badly on it. However I have no idea what caused my main blackout and I'm worried in case it happens again as I drive and would never forgive myself if I hurt my children. The doctors are not taking any further action unless I faint again. They have told me not to drive for 4 weeks which I'm happy to do as I wouldn't want to risk anything anyway. My sugars were slightly high and my iron level were 10 but not sure either of those things would cause a black out. I have really heavy periods and on Sunday my bathroom looked like a murder scene it was that bad but by Monday I was quite light so doubt that would have caused that on Tuesday. I'm just a nervous wreck waiting for it to happen which wont help anything. My dad died new year and my moms in a care home with dementia plus I'm planning a wedding and i work and have children so obviously my stress levels are always high but no more than normal. I guess I'm asking for any opinions because I'm a nervous wreck and just want a reason for the black out.

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  • Hi Joannekc, I suspect no one is answering because what you are describing is pretty scary and seems to me to be relatively serious. I really don't understand why your doctor would not help you without another fainting episode)..

    I can't really help either, but I wondered what your blood pressure is. When I was young, my BP ran so low that I would get vertigo and pass out, especially if I stood up too fast. I am wondering if there is any of that going on with you?