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Resigning due to health issues

Right guys so i have fibromyalgia and suffer sciatica because of l4l5 disk degeneration. I am often off work sick due to me getting layngitis and have no voice this is due to my fibro when i get a flare i get laryngitis. And now since feb my back. I was issued a 4 week fitnote from my gp stating im not fit for work the 4 weeks take me up to 11th oct. Today i got a txt message from my supervisor asking for an update of when ill be back in work as she has a meeting with the big boss and he wants an update. Common sense would be read the sicknote there is no return date because of my back. Iv made an appt with my gp for next week and iv updated work but iv not even had a reply. Since i started the job my health has really gone down hill i love the job but its not fair for me to be sick most of the time. So i have decided im going to resign i have been referred to OCC HLTH4 times apparently since being there close to 2 yrs in nov but no outcome or appt. What do u guys think

Thanks B

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Hi there - I've sent you a PM about my thoughts xx

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Hi, I've read and re-read your post and it sounds like its the laryngitis and loss of voice causing the main problem with work. Please don't think I'm ignoring the fact you have fibro or sciatica, it just sounds like you take time off, mostly due to laryngitis which happens in a fibro flare up.

If you really love your job and don't want to resign, can I suggest you take homeopathic Aconite 30C for your laryngitis. As soon as the flare up affects your throat, pop one tablet under your tongue and allow to dissolve. 15 or 20 minutes apart for the first hour, then hourly. Aconite works quickly, is the best remedy for laryngitis and stress (which you clearly have due to the affect this is having on your job).

If Aconite doesn't appear to work, the other remedy is Causticum 30C. Without speaking to you personally and knowing all the back ground, that's the best I can do.

It would be easier to say "just resign" but resigning may well cause further complications for you, especially if you really do love your job and are dependent on it. Independence is so very important for mental health and stimulation, which can help physical conditions too.

Anyway, my view is one of many, don't get too stressed with replies. Deep down you'll know what's best for you.

I wish you all the very best.



Sorry, me again. Only just read your previous post, so I have a little more background. Sciatica is best relieved by Hypericum 30c. One three times a day, reducing to one tablet a day after the first week. Then take them when you need them. Homeopathy is, as you probably know, all natural, perfectly safe and can be taken alongside conventional medicines, though not steroids.

My view is, they're inexpenive and worth a try.

I know its difficult, you need your voice and mobility with this job.

If you do need to resign, my next advice will be to stay as active as possible (mind and body) cos if you don't use it, you lose it. None of your conditions are contagious, so its down to the level of discomfort you can endure.

Sorry I can't help more. Trust me, if I had a magic wand..........

Best of luck with your decision.



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