Fibromyalgia pain

I have fibromyalgia and have both nerve and muscle pain l have tried everything to help the pain. Then l went to the pain clinic again wondering what they are going to do now. To my surprise there was a new consultant!!!!!, my thoughts were here we go again

But to my surprise he was very good . He offered me a lignacane infusion for nerve pain. But you know how bad the nerve pain is. I had three infusions .

Believe me it worked. I had good nights sleep in stead of wandering around in pain and being in fibro fog . All the time it made me be able to cope again I have to hav the infusion every 12 weeks but at least l have part of my life back.

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  • Brilliant to see someones pain relief is working  hopefully my day is coming soon ,nice to see something else positive on this site.good luck &take care

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