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You've Earned Your University/College Degree - Now What?

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You’ve worked so hard to get to this point. Take the time to celebrate your achievement and take care of a very important person – you! Now that you have your diploma/degree in hand, here are some things to think about.

1. Be proud and grateful

You just achieved an important milestone, be proud of your accomplishments and grateful to the people who helped you get there.

2. Review your resume

The resume you used to get a job at Yogurtland isn’t going to cut it anymore. Try these tips to make a resume that shows how awesome you are!

3. Stop living like you did in college

That means you need to go to bed earlier, wash your sheets every week, and drink a little less. You can even start by making your bed every day.

4. Start writing your thank you notes

You’re an adult now, in addition to being grateful you need to show you’re grateful. For all the graduation gifts, and hopefully some cash, you received in recognition of your hard work – you must give thanks.

5. Understand your finances

You’ll get your first job offer and will have to make sense of the benefits package that comes with your salary. Understand not just your 401k but how to balance your budget. Try a budgeting tool like MINT.

6. Be open to new experiences

You can start thinking about who you want to be after college.

7. Start meal prepping

You can’t grab something from the dining hall anymore, you need to start preparing healthy meals. Try these easy recipes.

8. Stop stressing that you don’t have a plan

Lots of people don’t have a plan, you’re 22, you’ll figure it out.

9. Find a mentor

Everyone needs guidance from people who aren’t their parents or professors. Seek out a mentor in your industry who can help you navigate your new adult life.

10. Create a digital advance care plan

It’s important to understand that life is unpredictable, and emergencies can happen at any time. If you are too injured or ill to communicate decisions about your medical treatment a digital, emergency advance care plan can help you express your care plan to your family and doctors so they can make decisions on your behalf. We offer them free at