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Response from Langston Jackson's mother/ subject of the article of importance of advanced care directives of your children written Jan 2017

Response from Langston Jackson's mother/ subject of the article of importance of advanced care directives of your children written Jan 2017

I would just like to thank-you for using my son's, Langston Jackson's miracle filmed by BBC, "EDGE OF LIFE" and referred to in your website regarding the importance of taking the time to create an ADVANCED CARE DIRECTIVE for your children in case of emergency! I preach this to everyone! It's the most important document you could ever have created! I had Langston create his once I knew what I was dealing with approximately a year prior to his hospitalization! Langston sustained an anoxic (lack of oxygen) brain injury! If we wouldn't have had this document, the doctors would have been telling us what was going to be done and why without any other consideration on his behalf! Langston's miracle recovery proved GOD has the final word! Doctors need to give situations in the hospital more time than what the medical texts say to give GOD time to work! It definitely wouldn't of been an option with Langston having an ADVANCED CARE DIRECTIVE in place! It's now 4 years later and his just graduated from college! This is the greatest opportunity you can give anyone!

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Wow, thanks for that lovely reply. I work for MyDirectives in the UK and was blown away by the BBC documentary. It actually reinforced my belief that getting everyone to at least have a conversation from the age of 18 is vital. And it is so important that we don't automatically assume that the conversation has to be about switching things of and death. I was so impressed by the way Langston's sister fought for him because she knew him. The great thing about the MyDirectives approach is that it is non-judgemental and changeable. If your 98 and have had enough you can say help me to go peacefully and if your 18 you can say, no, give me the time I need to fight - and everything in between. But most of all it puts the individual's voice at the heart of the conversation.

I'm so happy for you and Langston. Could I ask a favour? MyDirectives works with student organisations in the United States every Fall to encourage freshman to download our free app and name three people who can talk for them in a crisis and to do an organ donor video. It would be great if we could use your story in that campaign. If you are interested drop me a line at jcarr-brown@advaultinc.com. And thanks again for your post. It was our first!

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You can definitely use Langston's story in your campaign! I will also email you! Your message was a passion of mine after Langston's incident! Since I read this article, I posted the importance of this on my FACEBOOK! Thanks, again!....:Lyle Jackson