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Skin rashes

i am experiencing a condition called Urticaria. since past one week it has increased. as soon as i step out , after sometime i start getting rashes. i dont understand the reason behind this. has anyone experienced this condition.

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when you say "step out" do you mean step outside, if so, is it cold ?

Asking because I get urticaria when outside in the cold weather.


Yes I have had that, it developed into polymorphic light eruption. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do except use camomile lotion and bath in bicarbonate soda to help relieve the pain and/or itching. Thankfully mine doesn't flare up so much now but I was also found to have a dairy allergy at the time so I avoid all dairy and I hardly get it at all now. Hope it improves soon for you x


I have cold urticaria. I make sure all skin is covered, even hikd a scalf over my face and I also take 2 antihistamines everyday that really help


Have you tried undecylenic acid for rashes, hives, itchiness?

Thorne Research - Formula SF722 - Undecylenic Acid for Gastrointestinal and Gut Flora Support


It has worked wonders for me. I have Hasimoto's and suffered from extreme itchiness for 5 years. I now believe it was a fungal overgrowth in intestinal tract. If you read the most helpful review on the Amazon link, it explains the reasoning pretty well.

Hope this helps. I have another recent post about this which has some more details about dosage, my experience with this supplement, etc.


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