Men and acne


I am getting increasingly worried about my hubsand. He had terrible acne and it flares up alot, he wears hats alot but now he wears make up to cover up. Ance is making him very depressed and he finds it hard to leave the house.

He has been on anti-botics for a year, they work sometimes but mostly not. Is there any medicine people find most use to clear ance, that I could maybe ask my doctor about?

I would appericate any advice, Many thanks :-)

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  • Hi Clumsy_Mrs,

    Here's a link to some information about acne and treatments:

    Some good information on treatments (including complementary) is also available via the Acne Academy website:

    Hopefully, a HU member with acne can provide you with some more information.


  • Thank you very much Shell, I want to go and talk my GP myself about him. This will be helpful. :)

  • Benzoyl peroxide is used as a common treatment for acne. It is used topically and has three actions; one it kills bacteria, two it reduces inflammation and three it opens the blocked pores. Thus it works well to clear the spots. Other medication for acne is retinoids which include adapalene, tretinoin and isotretinoin. These are often used early in acne as it helps to get rid of redness, skin peeling, inflames spots, blackheads and whiteheads. Other than these topical antibiotics can also be used. There are many preparations of topical antibiotics. Antibiotics reduce inflammation and bacteria. In some cases these might cause few side effects like mild irritation. Antibiotics can also be taken in the form of tablets. Best is to consult your GP.

  • Hi! We have a new community on HealthUnlocked - Adult Acne Support. Here's the link:


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