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Article "Guidance to rehabilitate patients with hearing and balance problems and tinnitus"

Guidance to rehabilitate patients with hearing and balance problems and tinnitus

Hearing and balance-related problems are often chronic conditions which can be managed but not always cured. Now new guidance by the British Society of Audiology – devised in collaboration with the National Institute for Health Research – promises to improve quality of life for patients with hearing and balance problems and tinnitus.

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I've posted this as it might be of interest to vestibular migraine/basilar migraine/MAV sufferers who can experience vertigo/balance and tinnitus.


thank you! this was one of the lecture at the migriane actions annual general meeting 2 yrs ago and the the audiologist said that most of her pts were migraine pts!!


Yet there is so little publicity/acknowledgement regarding migraine and balance beyond specialists. So many people seem to be disabled by vertigo/migraine for years before getting a diagnosis (many often find themselves labelled as neurotic/anxious on that journey and it is incorrectly, in most cases, seen as the cause of the vertigo/balance issues) that they are connected. I wonder how in the future, that awareness of migraine affecting the vestibular system might be better shared with the wider health care providers so as to lessen suffering? It's a mammoth task.


I find the reaction to MAV from non sufferers to be very negative.

As I sufferer I get vertigo almost every day and find it very frustrating, when I cant exercise which helps me relax and improves my mood. I suffer from depression and find exercise helps me with this condition enormously

I have tried beta blockers, amytripyline and am now on domperidone, as well as venlefaxine and seroquel for my depression

It sure is a disability as it hits many of us daily and at a price


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