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It's a long shot but has anyone here used any of the gadgets I've read about for headaches? I wonder if those facial toner things might help (!) or the one from gammaCore which is apparently available on the NHS?

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Ive used a Cefaly device, it was recommended by the NHS but not paid for by them. Unfortunately it didn't work for me, I tried it for 3/4 months but I found out later some people need to try it for 6 months before it starts working.

Hi Brychni. I am not sure how you would get the gammaCore on the NHS. What do you mean by facial toner things? I've tried Cefaly as well and couldn't get on with it at all. I have found it extremely painful. It felt like it was burning the nerves on my forehead (at the lowest setting and shortest time possible). At least I could get most of my money back.I'm always very cautious with recommendations when I have to foot the bill.

Good luck!

Brychni in reply to Chleo11

The facial toners with balls on the top, they look like massagers. I had something (manual) given to me from the Body Shop and always found the putting it on my eyes really soothing. I used to keep it in the freezer but it broke. I was looking for a replacement and kept seeing ads for the NuFace which is a beauty device but I ended up going down a google rabbit warren looking into what it does and if it could be any good for pain, muscles etc. Some of my migraines are caused (I'm pretty certain) by my inflammatory arthritis which is rampant in my neck, upper back and even TMJ area at the moment and my GP recently told me it looks like I have some muscle wastage which, is probably also happening in my the jaw are in front of my ears. In fact in just the last few minutes made the decision to get one. They have money back so I'm just going to give it a go. I really don' think I would or even could use it during an attack but when my neck and back of my head start to get stiff I am hoping it will help. I'm also going to resurrect my Phillips heat lamp.

I've gone beyond medication. All the suggestions so far have been pointless and unsuitable or things I have already tried. I've come to accept that I will only be able to deal with attacks as they arise with zomig and suma injections. Although they are incredibly vicious they do seem to be getting further apart in the last 5 months. Fingers crossed.

I have a Paingone 'pen' - I got it for facial pain originally, but you can use it anywhere except inside the eye sockets. Whether it would work for migraine or headaches that are not caused by tension in the neck I don't know, but I used it in hospital after a procedure - I woke up with a stonking headache, but felt too nauseous to swallow the painkillers they gave me, so I fired the pen all over my neck and temples and the headache went. I certainly use it for my one sided headaches (which may or may not be migraine, no idea) as well as neuralgia, stiff neck, sore neck, occipital pain, TMD and so on. I think the Paingone is available on Amazon now, otherwise Tower Health.


Brychni in reply to jwilliamsb

the eye sockets are precisely where I would want to put it during an attack! Actually a hammer or screwdriver would probably do the trick 🤣

jwilliamsb in reply to Brychni

Oh,I know exactly what you mean - I have used it up to the edge of the bony eye socket but its not comfortable to use on such a bony area, so I use it close by on the temple - seems to work anyway.


I love my cefaly when I have an attack, didn’t help with prevention though. Haven’t tried any others but really hoping Nerivivo? is available here soon.

Cefaly really helping me !