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Meningitis Now
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Does anyone else have post bm headaches and pressure tension in the front of their heads? If so ways to relieve would be great!




Ways to cope

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I just returned from a trip to a neurologist who suggested 400 mg Vitamin B2 & 400 mg Magnesium Oxide (both over the counter). He is also putting me on Topamax (prescription) for the headaches. I've been having them since July 20th (asceptic VM of unknown origin). Get lots of rest & drink plenty of fluids. I also have photophobia & phonophobia so I have to be careful with light & sound as well. Good luck to you!!


I have been on those vitamins for over 6 months and haven’t had them help at all! I have the photophobia and phonophobia too! Very hard at loud places and anywhere with light!


I had a vm and encefalitis 3 years ago and had non stop of pressure pain etc for 2 years, then i started crainial osteopath and it helped so much! Non stop has gone tot almost never. I still have to watch myself during the day but every month im really doing better and better. Give it a try! I tried so much and this worked for me!


Will do! Thank you


HI fiona just a quick question did you have any problems with your ears prior to the meningitis ear pain blocked feeling or tinnitus.


I had symptoms a few weeks leading up to my incident and the infection that was in my brain actually spread to my right ear and I got a severe case of mastoiditis afterwards


I had suffered from chronic ear infections for years and in may 2017 i got pneumococcal meningitis i was in critical care on a ventilator for 11 days and then a further week in a side room. to cut a very long story short i had a CSF leak behind ear after many hospital appointment and being told i was being silly it was diagnosed in June this year. In February this year i started having the most horrendous headaches the pain is in back off neck right temple it makes my vision in my right eye go funny it also gets worse as day goes on it feels like someone is pushing my brain down and makes me forget things and say stupid stuff wrong words cant recall words ect. I had my CSF leak repaired in september and hoped that was the last off it but unfortunately i still have these headaches and confusion i am due for a venogram scan on monday. My leak was very positional i would only leak when leaning forward for quite a while, then a very small drop off what looks like water would come out off nose (right side only) this is why i asked about your ear because they thought i had mastoiditis. Im assuming you also had a lumber done they can also cause CSF leaks in your spine which can cause pressure headaches. My ear after meningitis was still bad i had hearing loss fluid behind ear and chronic tinnitus. If your ear is still giving you any sort off problems ask to see an ENT again and ask to see a neurologist about the headaches.


Yes I had quite a few lumber punctures over the time. 2 years down the track I’m still seeing both and they aren’t doing anything to fix the issues I have


I've had one appointment with a highly experienced osteopath with remarkable improvement in pain. Natural cure which speeds up the healing process instead of drugs which conjest the liver which is struggling to cope post infection & fight off further infections when your immunity is low.

I will write a post in the next few days when I have more energy with more details.

Take care

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How does the osteopathy work? I have heard quite a bit about this but don’t understand how this could help the immense pressure and pain I get on the front of my head


The headache is caused by trapped spinal fluid, the osteopath releases it at the base of the neck. I noticed a huge difference 2 days afterwards. I've had 1 more session but not noticed as dramatic a change.

**Word of warning, drink buckets of water to flush the toxins out for the next few days. Google "healing crisis", I had that afterwards but it passes in a few days, just not nice.


I had this problem - I had viral meningitus and the main side effect I had post was insane headaches. I was pushed from GP to neurologists and ended up in hospital admitted multiple times. I got lucky when a rheumatologist was passing when I was admitted one day and diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I say lucky because treating for that helped make my headaches managable. Does you have other symptoms to headaches? Such as hypersensitivity? Muscle aches? If so, I'd really recommend reading up on fibromyalgia (or feel free to message me - just didn't want to spam your post with a lengthy reply!) and asking your GP to formally test and diagnose for it.

It could be also just general wear n tear - your brian has gone through a lot ! The best way I can think of to describe meningitus is like severe dehydration. The headaches when you have meningitus is due to the membranes (or "meninges") that surround your brian swelling and putting pressure on your skull. Drinking lots of water will help to start your brian back on its recovery trip. Drug wise I'd advise sticking to anti-inflammatories such as ibrupofen. If you are struggling with sleeping (and rest is an essential part of any recovery) then speak to your GP about amitriptiline.



I am on 100mg of amitriptyline a night and taking ibuprofen is like taking lollies for me. I have immense aches and pains but that is because I work 40+ hours a week, all on my feet.

I have been going backwards and forwards with different specialists and they want to try Botox treatment


I feel your pain! :( I work full time on my feet running a hospital, and I'm also studying my msc full time - slowly killing me but I'm trying my best :) I personally didn't actually like the amitrip as it made me so sleepy and only seemed to help pain levels when I was sleeping. Gapabentine is what I'm on now - I'm on a super high dose though that took a while for my body to go up to - it works well and numbing the overall, but I still get those "stabbing pains". Working on it :S


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