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tbm with vp shunt



my husband is suffering from tbm from last 2 month and he had a operation also for hydrocephlahus but after vp shut he was showing little improvement like try to walk and other sense of motion etc but suddenly frm last 2 day he is in deep sleep and not able to recoganize to some .talks are unblance and so many problem he is facing all tje medicines all providing to them ...but still thete is no improvement .but he can eat properly . there is some damage in brain also...plz share me ur experience if you havelike yhis aur advise..

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hello greetings from Philippines!, sounds we have same problem with my dad. He has Hydrocephalus with TB Meningitis and underwent VP Shunting last December. Like your husband, my dad also wasn't able to walk after hospitalized but he could able to talk though his memory wasn't fully recovered yet, can ate on his own and dress by himself but after a month seems his body got tired. Please don't forced his body to move yet just wait until his body will recover. My father was having relapse by that time of January, and we were extremely afraid if there's something wrong with his VP shunting since he was fallen into sleep all day and forgot to eat due to his difficulty of waking up. we confine him again in the hospital, having a ct scan to check the shunt but all was normal. Up to this time my father still bedridden but we see improvements so far. He was having a speech loss this time but we know that he can hear and understand us. Just keep on praying and have a long patience that this problem will end sooner in God's time.

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actually even dr r not able to understand that after all the treatment what they can they are doing but still no progress from last 2 month .after vp shunt that fluid discharge water from only one ventrical not from both generally shunt discharge from both but bcoz of some swelling or blockage things are not hapening well and already tbm demage some part of brain..m so worried ..need the suggestion plz help

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and can u please tell me which type of treatment ur take there and medicines...and from where u r plz

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