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Hello Everyone,

I thought good to share our experiences. For TBM patients who are scared, please note

1. You will not die. There is hope from modern medicine to bring you back to life

2. Time is the essence. Suspect Meningitis if GP / doctors say nothing wrong with you and specially if they conclude, sinus, migrane. Nothing wrong in suspecting and checking with a MRI.

3. It takes several weeks to get back to some shape.

4. Your life will change - accept the new normal - eventually you will be back to old normal

5. Go to hospital and be prepared for a long haul depending on when you are diagnosed with TBM - 6 months minimum, Gets better after 2 months, Expect pains / side effects /

6. Be watchful for symptoms of stroke. tell doctor to avoid complications.

7. Hope and Prayer are two pillars for recovery. Listen to your body and rest as much as possible.

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thanx janakiramang ...really feeling good to hear all this ...my 27 y old husband suffering from tbm from last may 2018 and from thqt continously he is taking treqtment but the condition is still not good as compqre to may ..from last 26 days he is qgain hospitalized and under treatment and had vp shunt also ..and mri says thqt there is dqmage in brain qnd shunt discharging wqter from one venyrical only not from another...bcoz of swellibg qnd blockage...need ur openinon

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