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Lumbar puncture problems



When I was first diagnosed with VM in Feb 2016 they needed to perform a lumbar puncture. This resulted in me laying on my side for the doctor to insert the needle. When he removed the needle from my spine he caught a nerve. On and off I have had back lower back issues, nerves getting trapped or sever back pain. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and I am suffering more than ever. Has this procedure done permanent damage and will it affect me carrying/during childbirth?


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Hello there. I have had bacterial meningitis twice now and am fairly lucky as I have only lost hearing in one ear and the balance and energy levels can still cause problems.

I have had 4 lumbar punctures. One of these these was performed by a master at the art, two of them were performed my a nice Chinese doctor who certainly knew what he was doing. The fourth lumbar puncture was done by a young doctor who didn't take his time and left me with a sore back. This back ache did get better after a good while. you wake up one morning and it is gone.

I feel after the birth the pressure on your spine will decrease, which in turn should ease the pain. Although meningitis is a nasty disease there is always some sort of recovery. I don't believe a full, 100%, recovery is possible. It is amazing, though, how far you can get after this incidious disease. You have probably read about some tragic cases where some meningitis victims make very little recovery and some none at all. I count my self lucky as I have been close to death twice.

I am sure that after your birth and you manage to keep busy that your pain will subside. Sadly this all takes time so don't push yourself too hard.

I hope these few words were of a little help.

Bye for now, Dave from Cheltenham.

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