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Hi. I contracted pnuemonococal meningitis nov 11. It brought on severe ataxia and cerebelitis. I was in hospital for 6 months. I was getting better slowly however came home and was basically kept in a bed for a yr only getting up to wash or go to the bathroom. Physio stopped as I kept fainting and vomiting. I wasn't getting the proper food. None of my clothes fit me now. I don't go out ever and am alone. Social work aren't interested. I have no balance and can barely walk with a frame. I fall a lot. I've not been able to write or anything for 2 yrs. again no help from anyone. I now have nystagmus in the eye which causes me to vomit and feel dizzy constantly. I can't look at the tv or anything moving. I have no family to help me. They made me deteriorate like this even though they were told I'd need lots of help at home with walking as I fall. I was alone a lot, seeing people for minutes at a time. I have dogs I seen once a month if I was lucky. I don't know what to do now. I need help

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  • Where are you Weekazaa? In the U.S.? If so, which city and state?

  • No the uk. Scotland to be precise

  • Well then, gee Weekazaa, I'm American so I'm afraid I am totally unaware of HOW health care works in the UK.

    I'm so sorry but good luck to you on contacting a health care knowledgeable person there in the UK.

  • Thank you. It's a national health service here. Once your out of hospital you're forgotten about. You either get better at home or don't.

  • So sorry to hear about the awful effects and the terrible time you are having in recovery.

    Hopefully someone there at the meningitis trust can help you with some of your issues. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • The trust have been good emotionally but it's physical help I need more than anything. I'm trying to get a referral back to hospital. I've never had a review

  • It sounds like you could really use an assistance dog. Something sturdy like a Labrador retriever trained in helping people with physical disabilities.

  • Tbh that wouldn't help me. A dog can't lift or hold things and I'm trying to go back to hospital

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