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Financial assessment


Need help with financial assessment for young adult with Asd/ld. What can I put as expenses as LA want over 200pm. Lives,at home with family. Has incontinence and damages property, rips clothes, breaks windows etc. Is there anywhere to get advice?

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Hello Buffy106

Welcome and thanks for posting.

It can be tricky to advise without know more detail. Please do contact our Learning Disability Helpline on 0808 808 1111

or email If you live in Wales or Northern Ireland there are different numbers to call on here

They have trained advisors who will be able to have a chat with you and work out what is best for your situation.

There is also more information our website:

> Social care -

> Benefits -

Best wishes


You have my sympathy. This is an annual nightmare. My 61 year old daughter suffers a SLD, challenging behaviour, is non verbal, doubly incontinent, has mobility and serious health conditions. She too lives at home, I am her sole carer. Like your son, she throws food, pulls down curtains, et al. My LA want receipts for everything pertaining to her care over the period of time since the last assessment. As though we don't have enough to worry about dealing with their care on a day to day basis. To have to jump through the hoops set by the LA, who seem to have absolutely no concept of the reality of our lives. I was asked to pay an astonishing increase of 81% in her support charges by the LA ,.WITHOUT any reference to any related costs. (excuse-Covid-19???????). If you are able to, send them receipts for everything and anything relating to your son's care. Incontinence products, bedding and clothing replacement, extra cleaning of carpets etc., and repairs /replacement for damage. I also sent them a copy of my daughters care plan, copies of her hospital appointments to confirm her needs. They subsequently reduced the amount of the increase. I understand that my LA has a serious budget deficiency. I think they see us as the solution. Don't they understand how much more it will cost them when they have to fund my daughter's care when I am no longer able to manage. Hastened by the worry and stress of dealing with things such as this.