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Scalp melanoma

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I am recently diagnosed, with surgery pending. They are hoping (& I am) to be able to do it under local anaesthetic, due to my other conditions of Rheumatoid Arthritis and COPD etc. It is to be rather a large excision, with the possibility of more to follow if necessary, and they have warned me firmly that I will be bald. Yikes! Having no intention of facing life in that state, I have found three straw hats (children's!) for the immediate post-operative period. Later there will be talk of alternatives.

Would love to hear from anyone who has had this done, your experience would be very helpful, please.

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I had a WLE, followed later with another operation (in all 24 lymph nodes removed) back in 2017, with no other treatment required n no trace of anything since, though I’m waiting for an appointment for another scan (which is routine (I’ve had lots of scans/MRIs etc)). It was in my arm/chest area n they operated on my arm and underarm/chest, so not sure what the procedure would be for your head. I was warned never to expose any part of myself to the sun n have gotten used to keeping covered up either with clothing or factor 30+ sunscreen and taking a daily vit D

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Thank you so much, Abbie104, for replying!I wish you very well in the future.

I have to go to the University Hospital on Sun for a respiratory test. Then they can decide either/or. I do not want to stay overnight, but friends today tell me that it is possible to have a G.A. & still go home the same day.

Lawks, what a cefuffle!