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I’m new here and looking some advice/shared experience! What are the chances my moles are cancerous/melanoma?

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I went to the GP today, I have been concerned for a while over a few moles I have, mainly 2. A GP a while ago told me to get one checked as it was quite red but couldnt refer me because I was moving so advised me to get referred once I moved.

I completely put it to one side and never done anything.

Then seen another GP who said it was a skin tag... it is not a skin tag haha! so got a 3rd opinion and I am being referred to a specialist which is 2 weeks away. She mentioned it was just to rule out cancer because it can be common.

One mole on my arm has definitely changed shaped completely, almost like it had dispersed in the middle and changed colour.

The one on my back has risen more, and almost changed direction like it’s dropping down and is red and irritated and she said it is of more than 1 colour.

Both of them can get quite itchy and sometimes the slightest graze of my bra can make it sting.

I am just anxious about how common melanoma is?

I’ve read about it and it seems likely but I’d like to hear from someone who’s experienced it or knows about it.

What will happen at my referral also?

I’m such a worrier i just have to ask!

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Hi Chelsea, i have melanoma, but it didnt start with a mole. It was my toenail. I assume you have been to a dermatologist by now? How did you get on ?