Living Well with HIV

Intresting turn of events

Hmm i see everyone writing their stories here so ill give it a shot i need to vent anyways so i believe my exposure was Feb 11 2017 i had a threesome with two Moroccan girls unprotected stupid at the time i cant really use my drunkness as an excuse honestly so anyways i knew i had it right away the next day it felt like a truck hit me i must've slept 21 hours straight it was actually the best sleep i have ever gotten in my life it was kinda weird dreams as well like someone else's childhood so anyways the next day after that's when i noticed an issue i was extremely fatigued at work even stand up i hit my head on the wall by accident because i couldn't hold myself up which didn't make any sense because i slept 21 hours straight then the other systoms started coming in about 3 days after the first was a huge almost purple bump on my arm i was braggin to my friend about the the weekend i had and this bump lifted up right infront of both of our eyes and then he made a joke saying "wow man you have aids" i laughed at the time but then i really started to think about it then came the chills, the sore throat, the stiff neck and these other minor things so i am currently deployed in africa and so i go to the hospital that week after the exposure and say hey i think i have HIV the doctor laughed at me apparently in Niger HIV must be a joke or something so i did a test on Feb 17 2017 neg i just did one yesterday Mar 9 2017 neg again then the doctor tells me their test only finds out if your positive 2 months after lol what its 2017 and you guys still dont have those 7-10 day rapid test mind you this is a private hospital as well so i booked a plane ticket to Paris for Mar 11 2017 and had my girlfriend set me up a doctors appointment she doesn't for what yet i contemplated about breaking up with her just so she doesn't have to deal with the news of me cheating and becoming hiv pos but ill let her make that decision on her own though i know i have it i'm not really even mad honestly in this day in age with all the information thats been passing im 25 right now but i think I can live well into my 60s with it so im not worried i herd it can be pretty expensive which is a downside but i think this is a light on my side so many times i thought about suicide and hurting myself but now i have a mission something to live for i think i can beat HIV.

List of my systoms


Heat chills like crazy

Unknow purple bumps around my skin in diffrent locations was never clumped together like a rash though

Extreme fatigue

Sore throat stiff neck for 3 weeks straight

Armpit pain

one my leg right about my knee cap it was shaking uncontrollably the other night could just feel the HIV in it

And probably the hugest sign at all of this was i started seeing a discharge and found out i caught chlamydia but it was eaisly treated though

So yep thats my story i hope i has a happy ending though doing my research right now the next few years will be exciting

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my symptoms were close to that. I had the worst sore throat ever! I had a fever, headache, nausea, vomiting. I was pregnant at the time and thought i caught strep throat while having morning sickness. the doctor looked in my throat and asked if i have given oral sex to someone with herpes because, i guess it looked nastly, but it wasnt any of that. after a couple weeks all the symptoms went away. it wasnt until 3 months later when i got my blood tests done that they told me i had HIV.