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I have axitic cerebral palsy n feel unwanted in my family home get hurt sometimes

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Hello jesspooley ,

You going through a very hard time at the moment. Being disabled can be very lonely and isolating. i have cerebral palsy and I feel that too at times.

Have you considered sitting down quietly with your mum and telling her how much you love her ? And try to explain how you are feeling , and what your hopes and dreams and fears are?

I am a mum and I know that what upsets me the most is thinking that my children are unhappy?

We all want to do what we can to help our children and, maybe, if you had a calm heart-to -heart with her, it might help you both to understand the others thoughts and actions better?

It might help her to understand that you are a person who needs less direction from her now and in the future? And hopeful ease some tension at home?

Us mums will always see the vulnerable little child inside the adult and want to do the utmost to protect them no matter how old they are? And as a mum , sometimes its hard to let go?

And don't forget to give her a big hug! Because even though our families can upset and irritate us? We still love them?

Good luck and take care xx

Oh dear I have ataxic cerebral palsy too and yes sometimes I feel like it. It will pass I promise but defo talk to someone about it as it may help. Here if you want to talk