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Self Directed Support - The Social Care (Self -Directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013

The Social Care (Self-Directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 came into force this week. Local Authorities now have to provide support through the Self-Directed Support Frame work. A supported person now has an individual budget. The Local Authority can provide this through 4 options -

1. it can be taken as a direct payment (cash payment) to the supported person.

2. The funding is given to a provider that is chosen by the supported person . The funding is held by the Local Authority. However, the supported person chooses how it is to be spent.

3. The Local Authority arranges the service for the supported person.

4. A mixed packaged can be arranged which includes a mix of the options above.

Self directed support can be used for different things for example personal care, physiotherapy and social activities. Some people use the direct payment's to employ a personal assistant.

Please contact your local Council's Social Work Department for more information.

I received some information from Bobath Scotland this morning that I would like to share:

"Self-Directed Support

Therapy at Bobath Scotland can be funded through self-directed support (SDS).

The Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 is applicable to all areas in Scotland from 1 April 2014. The Act gives people a range of options for how their care is delivered, beyond just direct payments, empowering people to decide how much ongoing control and responsibility they want over their own support arrangements.

If you already use social work services, you could speak to the person you usually talk to about your support. If you don’t have a social worker or care manager, but want to speak to one, you could phone or write to the social work department. Ask your council how to get in touch with local support services to help you understand self-directed support. If your local authority has previously decided that you did not need services, then it will not offer you self-directed support. If you think your needs or circumstances have now changed, ask your local authority for a new assessment.

You will need to prepare for an assessment and Bobath Scotland can help prepare a report on recommended therapy to suit your own requirements and desired outcomes. Your social worker or care manager will discuss with you what support you need. Together you will produce a personal care plan which sets out your needs and how these will be met. You need to show the council that the support you want to buy will meet the needs that you have agreed in your personal care plan.

Self-directed support is available to all disabled adults and parents of, or people with parental responsibility for a child (under the age of 18) who has been assessed as needing children's services. Support can be time limited (for example through periods of fluctuating condition). To receive any service from your council you will be assessed financially (means tested) to see whether you should contribute some money to help pay for it.

Councils have a duty to support people in need to the best of their ability and this support should be based upon a formal assessment of your need.

For more information, visit the Scottish Government’s website on Self-Directed Support at selfdirectedsupportscotland..."

Stephanie Fraser


Bobath Scotland

Useful Websites

selfdirectedsupportscotland... -Personal Assistant's Network.

Your Local Authorities website should have information relating to SDS.