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Hello all, question  here are all my labs  

AST-24; ALT-25; Tbili-.46; Alb-4.6; ALK-45

All the rest are normal as well  

Also CBC is is in normal range across board. 

PLT-299; RBC counts are little low but still in normal range. 

PT is 11.7 (normal) INR is 1.1-ceiling of normal. 

Ultra sound showed fatty liver in early Feb. since then I stopped drinking except for 2 week long binges (10+ drinks each night). One in early March and one in late March. Went to doc recently had these labs done in past 2 weeks. Doc said everything is normal. 

Problem is I have a lot of symptoms. Red palms, occasional rashes, weight loss, and knee pain (could be from excercising). 

Is it possible to have normal LFTs, CBCs, and PT, INR across the board and have cirrhosis?

Is my doctor right that not enough time has passed for that to be possible??

Thank you

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Hi there,

I'm not a doctor but If you have had a recent scan and it showed no sign of cirrhosis then this should be pretty reliable. With the amount you drank since Feb it is unlikely that would develop into cirrhosis that quickly and your bloods look good so just stay off the drink keep an eye on your blood tests. Try not to read to much into those symptoms although those are present with cirrhosis it does not mean that's what it is there are usually lots of severe warning signs, jaundice ascities etc. Hope that helps a bit

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Yes but there seems to be a lot of abiguity ive found on why the bloods are done if theyre not accurate...i think it is a tool for showing progression of an already diagnosed cirrhosis sufferer.

P.s. Is this a serious post? If not, f off


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