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Carers of patients with hepatic encephalopathy – a chance to help others………

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to ask for your assistance please! Here, at L4L, we’ve been approached by a translation group for language services within a clinical research organisation.

They would like to conduct a telephone interview with two caregivers (spouses, family members, paid carers etc.) who look after people with hepatic encephalopathy (HE) in their own home, and whom are native in English for the UK.

The organisation have adapted the wording of an electronic diary which will be used in a study on HE based in the UK. Part of the process to assess the suitability of the wording and design of the survey on the device, is to interview people who have a good understanding of HE, and will therefore be able to provide useful and helpful feedback.

The interviewer can complete the interviews by phone, therefore, the caregivers could be anywhere in the country.

If you felt that you could spare a little bit of time to be interviewed, please contact me via my email address….. …. and provide me with a little bit of information about your circumstance.

For the two that are interviewed, a small remuneration will be offered as a small 'thank you' for their time and co-operation.

Many thanks!

Best wishes as always to you all.


Helpline Manager – Liver4Life

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Just noticed the 0 replies sarah and thought id check if you still need some help from a child pugh "C" floater if that makes sense. I,m 5 years in since diagnosed by lgi hospital and stopped drinking over 4 years ago. I,m trying to appease family at the moment by giving my recovery another chance by transplant before its too late. Dont let my poor lonely existance affect your decision though, lol. As long as its inhome i,ll do whatever will help on a volunteer basis of course.


I,ve already done my bit RE Hepatic encephalopathy when i was sectioned for 2 weeks due to it!