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Fat ?! The Abuse & Discrimination goes on !

Not only we can be abused by arrogant GPs you have never met before bullying in terms of assisting with financing private liposuction that they[ the LA] do not provide .They can now call us fat never having met us before .This is NOT acceptable if there is going to be a good relationship.

When I have a low thyroid, CFS , heart failure symptons breathlessness , apnea & pulmonary hypertension affecting function on top of chronic utis affecting spina bifida occulta why blame me for their lack of appropriate assistance sending me on a hiding to nothing appt after appt .Time and my finances & well being wasting causing severe stress and anxiety .

I feel as if I am in continual fight mode and probably why survived MI cardiac arrest they refused to refer on 12 yrs ado.

Ignoring classic heart failure symptons [ acute OEDEMA being one] likewise LA [ social services]

Can't even get Telecare /Telehealth when solo no care.Can't even get it fairly installed as a charity franchises out to a call centre .Why then does the MP refer back to them and the next one GP , last night ,calls him a clown !