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Future Beneficiary Events...What do you want to see offered?

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We are currently in the process of planning our beneficiary events for 2022. We want to find out from you, what you would like from future beneficiary events.

Would you prefer they are:-

- a structured meeting with one topic set by Alex TLC

- a meeting where all attendees bring one question or topic to discuss

- free space just to talk to other beneficiaries

The current meetings planned are (please contact suzanne@alexltc.org for zoom link):

• Wednesday 23rd February 11:00-12:00: Symptomatic Adults

• Thursday 31st March 11:00-12:00: Parents of Symptomatic Children

What other meetings would you like to see offered? Are there any other events you were hoping the charity would be able to offer in 2022?

Please leave your comments below, or contact suzanne@alexltc.org