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Living Well With CML - Webinar 4.30pm Wednesday 21st April.

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Please join us for this free webinar , there are places available registration required

The aim of this webinar is to support chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) patients to live well with their condition. The panel will explore challenges and opportunities that can impact on quality of life. What are the most important to aid living well with CML?

The webinar seeks to provide coping mechanisms and health strategies that may aid patients to better manage their condition, expectations, cope with side effects and live a good quality of life.

Clinicians and patients will discuss topics such as: the importance of learning, being proactively involved in healthcare matters, disease monitoring, health management and when to reach out for support.

We will be joined by:

Professor Stephen O'Brien, Consultant Haematologist at the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Professor of Haematology at Newcastle University.

Joanna Large, CNS & ANP at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Nigel Deekes CML patient

David FitzGerald CML patient



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Thanks Hairbear another brilliant webinar opportunity from Leukaemia Care, Take care everyone at Leukaemia Care.