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Webinar for patients - HCL treatment and care in a changing landscape - 3.30pm GMT Monday 1st December


Dear HCL friends please join us

Leukaemia Care are hosting this participative patient information webinar to explore the changing HCL treatment, management and care landscape.

The webinar will help to explain the condition, how it is managed and treated, while exploring changes in treatment and challenges patients experience living with the disease in current times.

The British Society of Haematology Guidelines for ‘Diagnosis and Therapy of Hairy Cell Leukaemia’ have been updated this year the speakers will explore the content of the new guidelines.

This webinar seeks to empower patients with up-to-date knowledge and coping strategies to better live with the challenges this condition may present in current times. Presentations will be followed by a participative Q&A

Panel members:

Charlotte Martin, Advocacy Manager, Leukaemia Care

Dr Claire Dearden, Consultant Haematologist and Clinical Director of the Haemato-oncology at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust – discussing the disease, back ground, epidemiology how the disease is managed and patient challenges.

Dr Francesco Forconi, Associate Professor in Haematological Oncology at the University of Southampton and Consultant Haematologist at the University of Southampton Hospital Trust - discussing latest British Society of Haematology treatment and care guidelines

Klara Matulay, Clinical Nurse Specialist

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust - discussing the supportive care perspective

HCL patient - discussing the patient perspective


To join via Zoom, all you need to do is register your attendance before the webinar starts. You will then receive an email inviting you to join the webinar on the day. Register here: us02web.zoom.us/webinar/reg...

To Watch via Facebook

, All you need is a Facebook account. Once logged in head to Leukaemia Care’s Facebook page at 3:30pm on 1st December and find the live video (it will be at the top of our feed).

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Looks good Leukaemia Care thanks for hosting.


If you were unable to make the webinar the video recording is available to view here youtu.be/aSo9aTkG0hM