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Isolate or distance?


Hi, I'm a CLL patient – diagnosed 6 years ago and on watch and wait ever since. I'm 52 and have two kids at primary school. I'm holed up in the spare room (I can work form home) but obviously sharing the house with young kids who are still at school will increase my risk of exposure to coronavirus. Is it worth at this stage pulling them out of school? (Presumably schools will close son anyway.) Any thoughts/experience on this matter?

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Hi Awaba thanks for sharing your difficult quandary, I think there will be many facing this dilemma at this moment. Things are changing fast, tomorrow the government may add more detail to the plan to shield the vulnerable?

I cannot answer you question, but totally sympathise. I wonder if others here can share their thoughts.

Have you spoken to your healthcare team about this they will know your risks and may be able help?


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Hi. My GP and hospital both advised to take the kids out of school, so now my wife and I are 'working' from home while we try to teach and entertain the kids. I can't see this lasting for 3 months. I might have to go and live w my mother (she is 85) for a prolonged period.

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Hi Awaba thanks for sharing this, good you have been able to get clear advice from your doctors.

So it begins. It has all become so real of a sudden,

Long term glad that you can be there for mum too. There is going to be a lot of isolation as well as cabin fever I think.

Keep talking



Hi, a really difficult question, but thanks for asking it as I am sure so many others are in a similar situation. This is a very personal reply and I think everyone's situation is also unique but it is weighing up a number of factors, mostly practical. I have heard some people working from home have had to sign a contract to say they are not caring for children or others that would interfere with their working day. I hear children should not be looked after by the over 70's who are more at risk at this time. What do you do with your children if they are not at school? I do believe children really benefit from fresh air and exercise at all times. Lots more I haven't even touched on but I am sure is whizzing around in your head. I also have not even touched on the emotional side for all. Perhaps this is a question for your medical team. Good luck and take care.



We're in a similar situation. My husband is travelling back here tomorrow after seeing his consultant and collecting his meds. We live in a very rural location.

He has CLL, and is on ibrutinib, and has ITP.

We have a 6 yo and a 13yo both of whom are in (different) schools. Currently they are still attending school, although that may change as early as tomorrow depending on what he needs the situation to be, although it is likely attending hospital was a bigger risk than they are, but, it's all so much to consider.

I am glad you have some answers and possible ways to cope. Do keep talking here though.

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