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Essential thrombocytopenia

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Hi I have essential thrombocytopenia I’ve had DVT s splenectomy a TIA I gave blood before working with organic solvents in the Aircraft industry

My problems all started with a real mixture of organic solvents including Skydrol, Mastinox,Dinitrol,Ardrox,Chromate paints,MC110&115& MC 780 daily 7 days a week also in confined space with primer paints that would near knock you out unless you got out of the wing half way through

It had no ventilation

Has anyone else had this cancer working in the aircraft industry?



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Hi Phil, sorry to read of your diagnosis and suspicions. i do not have ET but a lymphoma which i believe was caused by wood preservatives from many years proofing old and rotten lofts.?? No way i can prove it though.

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Elizabethb22 in reply to Ricky234

Is there a link to solvents? I also worked with many different organic solvents and have developed thrombocytopenia

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HAIRBEAR_UKAdministrator in reply to Elizabethb22

Here are a few studies of links

BMJ - Occupational trichloroethylene exposure and risk of lymphatic and haematopoietic cancers: a meta-analysis


BMJ - Occupational exposure to trichloroethylene and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and its major subtypes: a pooled IinterLlymph analysis

Research on organics:

BMJ - Occupational exposure to organic solvents and lymphoid neoplasms in men: results of a French case-control study

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Acetone: ‘Affected Organ Systems: Hematological (Blood Forming), Neurological (Nervous System)’

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PhilReade in reply to Elizabethb22

Hi I’ve been to a toxicologist who linked organic solvents to my ET

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I have just been diagnosed with essential thrombocytopenia and 50 years ago I worked in the chemical industry using a range of organic solvents. My consultant didn't seem to think that there was a link but jak 2 mutation was found, and after reading you accounts, perhaps the link is there

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I’ve seen two professors in haematology and a professor in toxicology they all link the organic solvents to my essential thrombocytopenia x

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That is interesting. I trust there are more safety measures in place now. We used perchloroethylene and benzene like water

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PhilReade in reply to Elizabethb22

I used a variety of chemicals at Airbus Benzene was in Skydrol we used and Mastinox had toluene two known causes of essential thrombocytopenia

(It’s in MPN booklet )

Also there was a case in American court won linking Benzene to essential thrombocytopenia

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