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Leukaemia Care community support hours

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LCNurseLeukaemiaCARE Nurse

Essentially this community is here to enable those affected by a leukaemia diagnosis to share your experience and be able to support each other. here you can ask questions, share the ups and downs to help get you through through and live with a diagnosis or treatment. Members will endeavor to respond quickly to questions and introductions at all times.

Our Nurse Advisers are also available across a range of services to give you the expert advice you need, from diagnosis, to treatment and beyond.

However, our nurses cannot diagnose or treat you over the phone. In case of an emergency, please contact your medical team or call 999.

You can speak to a nurse on the following services:

Here in the community

Post in a discussion thread here in the community, ask a question or join a discussion with a comment/reply. A Nurse adviser will be able to respond:

Monday-Wednesday, 9am-4:30pm

& Thursday-Friday, 7pm-10pm


Our Nurse Advisors are available every weekday on our free helpline.

You can speak to a nurse at the following times:

Simply call our helpline on 08088 010 444, or book a slot at a time convenient to you here and a nurse will call you back.

Live Chat

Live Chat is our online service. You can speak to a nurse via Live Chat on our website.

Simply click on the large green icon that pops up on your screen here leukaemiacare.org.uk at the following times to speak to a nurse:

Monday-Wednesday, 9am-4:30pm

Thursday-Friday, 7pm-10pm

If the icon does not pop up or is red, this means there is no one available to talk.


You can also contact our Nurse Advisors via email at the following address: nurse@leukaemiacare.org.uk

If outside of working hours, a nurse will aim to respond to your query the next working day, but this may take longer.

When our nurses are not available, we’re still here for you.

Our Care team and volunteers can provide a listening ear and answer your questions. You can contact them on the following services:


Our Care team and volunteers are available on the helpline at the following times:

Monday-Wednesday, 4:30pm-10pm

Thursday-Friday, 9am-7pm

Saturday, 9am-12:30pm

If you would like to speak to a nurse but one is not available, we will endeavour to book you a time slot for the nurse to call you back.

Live Chat

Our Care team are available to answer your questions on Live Chat. Where possible, it will be available 9am-5pm every weekday.


All correspondence with Leukaemia Care is confidential and is kept between Leukaemia Care and you. However, there are some exceptional circumstances where we may pass on personal information from yourself in order to comply with the law or the nurses' professional code of conduct. For example:

We believe you are at serious risk of harm, either from yourself or others

We suspect a child may be at risk of harm

You pose a serious risk of harm to others

You threaten or abuse our staff

You are deliberately misusing the service, which prevents the service from being delivered to others

We receive a court order requiring us to divulge information

We are passed information relating to an act of terrorism

N.B: Our Nurse Advisor is unable to a diagnose a medical condition over the phone and any information provided should not replace any medical advice given by your doctor.

In case of emergency

If you need to speak to someone outside of our available service hours, please contact your medical team or ring 111.

If your query is urgent, such as you have become unwell, call 999 immediately.

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I was FCR treated over 2 years ago following cll diagnosis several years ago. Been well since treatment until 2 weeks ago when I came down with severe diarrhoea and vomiting. Just when I thought I was getting better I had another 'wave' (though without vomiting. Haven't checked in with doctor as a) don't want to infect others at surgery and b) know they will only say keep fluid up and eat very little.

Have lost 12 lbs so far which is okay as I am a little overweight - but should I be concerned given my cll despite being in remission? I also have cardiac issues.

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LCNurseLeukaemiaCARE Nurse in reply to fieldmeadow

Thank you for your post - if these symptoms are similar to the ones you had when you were first diagnosed with CLL then it may be a good idea to make an appointment with your Consultant to have your condition reviewed as soon as possible.

This could also be caused by an infection which may need medication. Again it would be advisable to contact your GP.

It is advisable to maintain your fluid intake as you suggest to prevent dehydration.

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