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Help please


Morning I really need some help. Jan I went to Gambia and ine night I got really drunk. I engaged in genital rubbing with a Gambian girl there was no sex. Just kissing and rubbing.However my foreskin was pulled back and I was very wet so was she. We did not have sex. About 10 days after I got really ill with night sweats, fever, hot and cold flushes, my face and hand burned really badly, my skin started to peel on my palms and was really dry all over, my appetite waa really bad and felt so sick with nausea and had diarrhea. I felt so weak with muscle aces and my tougue was white. This continued for about 4 weeks however 14 days after I took the lady to a clinic in Gambia and she tested negative. I think she was in here window period. I kept feeling ill but the night sweats went away and so did the hot flushes. However my palms started getting red and white bloches, also my tougue got worse with like trush and my throat started to hurt. I went to the military doctor who carried out a hiv test at 9 weeks after exposure. It came back negative with a reading if 0.14. He told me that rubbing was a very very low risk. My symptoms started getting worse, my palms were peeling worse mainly in between my fingers bloches on palms were worse and my togue started to get sores all over and my throat was really red with bumps. My energy leves were so low and I stated getting rashes on my chest and shoulders. At 84 days after exposure I went to spain to get a test as I didnt trust the military doctor. The test came back negative with a reading of 0.29. Its now nearly 6 months and my symptoms are still bad. I have really bad oral problems. My mouth is really dry, my tougue is white with sores, my throat is really red with bumps and sores that sometimes bleed. I feel very weak, most days I have diarrhea and stomach cramps, my palms are really dry and peel, the bloches on my palms really stand out.I keep getting a rash on my shoulders and part of my chest. My life consists of lying in my bed. I have a test booked for a week from Monday which will be 6 months.I have never felt this ill, How long can it take for antibody tests to pick hiv up??? I have a 3 year old girl is she at risk??? My wife knows about it all as I was honest, we always wear a condom now since I have been back from Africa. We were have anal sex and the condom broke I pulled out straight away. She didn't want to go and have prep what are the chances she has got it if I have it as there was pre cum in the condom?

I used anabolic steriods for a few years can this affect antibody production. However I have not used them for over 2 years